During Covid-19 pandemic we are facing many challenges to carry on in our daily life. Soul2Sole Massage Therapy & Wellness Studio, “Soul2Sole”, recognizes the severity of the situation with this virus. Soul2Sole has adopted certain measures to help protect our clients and our team.

What measures Soul2Sole have been doing to protect our clients and our team?

To keep the health and wellness of our clients and our team safe during Covid-19 pandemic we have been adopted the following measures:

  • Daily self-screening and assessment prior to coming in for work is required by all staff. They will not come into work if they are feeling unwell.
  • The staff will not be permitted to come to work within 14 days of travelling outside of the country.
  • Any client who is not feeling well particularly showing the symptoms will not be given treatment in the clinic.
  • All staff and clients are required to wear masks the entire time in the clinic during the visit including during their treatment. No additional cost imposed if any client needs Soul2Sole to provide a mask to our client. For our staff the only exceptions for not wearing a mask are for eating and drinking in our designated staff areas.
  • Social distancing guidelines in the workplace are strictly enforced.
  • Glass barriers have been installed in the reception areas of both clinics.
  • All commonly touched items in the clinic space will be routinely sanitized and cleaned.
  • Proper hand-washing, health etiquette and symptom awareness posters will be posted around the clinic.
  • Beverages or candies will no longer be served in the clinic.
  • Receipts will always be sent via email to you as the preferred method. If a printed receipt is needed, it will be handed to you on the desk.

How to Prepare for Your Visit

We want to ensure that you are still getting the relaxing experience that you are looking for. There are things that you can help us do to prepare yourself before your visit.

  • The current provincial restriction currently requires referral from regulated professionals for RMT to be able to provide treatment for clients. The appointment to acquire this referral from the regulated professional can be done either in person or via virtual meeting. We suggest your clients contact their regular care provider These regulated bodies include:
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Registered Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers.


  • We recommend that you do your best to use the washroom before coming to your appointment. Our washrooms will still be available, but we would like to reduce the amount of contact with commonly touched surfaces and reduce traffic in commonly used areas. All washrooms will be routinely cleaned frequently throughout the day.
  • All new clients will need to fill out Health History Forms & Intake Form, Therefore, arriving 5 minutes early will ensure that your visit goes smoothly without feeling rushed..
  • Please ensure that you have completed your Covid-19 Clinical Survey prior to each of your appointments, on the day of your appointment. It will include a series of health and travelling questions to be sure you are healthy and safe to enter the clinic space.
  • If you have Extended Health Benefits that you would like us to directly bill to for your treatment, we will need a copy of your benefits card,
  • Please bring as little as possible into the clinic with you. Any non-essential personal belongings should be left at home or in your vehicle. Soul2Sole waives all liability of personal items left in your vehicle.
  • Please do not bring family members, partners, or children into the clinic with you (unless they have a treatment as well). Your loved ones will need to either wait in the vehicle or leave and return when you are finished your treatment. Please arrange child care prior to your appointment.
  • When your practitioner greets you at the entrance they will provide you with hand sanitizer and a mask. Please keep the mask on and over your mouth AND nose at all times while in the clinic and during your treatment.