Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage Practice

Traditional Thai Massage, also called Nuat Phen Boran, is a traditional massage technique originally taught in Thai Buddhist temples. Techniques of Thai massage consist of passive stretching, manipulating the body, and pressing the pressure points to bring relief from pains and aches, stiff muscles and various impediments to body movements. It is based on acupressure, and the system of energy lines called “sens”  is usually done on a mat on the floor. It is done fully clothed.


Highly Effective Traditional Thai Massage

A massage technique dating back 7,000 years, the Traditional Thai Massage is one method of therapy that has proven itself to be effective for all.

With a lengthy list of long-term benefits to back its worth, the traditional Thai massage technique utilizes a gentle stretching technique that relaxes your muscles and loosens your knots.

Recommended for all with physical and mental health issues, the traditional Thai massage not only treats problems but also prevents symptoms of numerous disorders from taking root. Stress, energy depletion, headaches, poor blood circulation, muscle stiffness, fatigue—all these can be treated with a traditional Thai massage.

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Restoration of the energy flow of your body promotes a balance of physical and mental health. It is both energizing and relaxing.

30 min $70
45 min $90
60 min $110
75 min $140
90 min $155
120 min $215

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