Reflexology is based on “reflex areas” on the hands and feet. This energy between the hands and feet is believed to be connected to organs and other body parts. Together, this applied pressure has a beneficial effect on your organs and helps to balance your nervous system. It also stimulates endorphins – your body’s natural pleasure response. Releasing your endorphins helps you reduce stress and discomfort and restore your natural balance.

Reflexology Chart

This reflexology chart shows the specific areas on the feet and hands that correspond to different organs, glands, and systems of the body. The chart is used as a main guide to apply pressure to these “reflex points”, that serve in promoting health and well-being. Each reflex point is mapped to a certain area of the body. For example, reflex point 35 located near the top of the big toe stimulates the hypothalamus – a main link between the endocrine and nervous systems that plays a critical role in the regulation of body temperature, sleep, stress response and hunger.

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RMT Praweena Szekely performing reflexology at Soul2Sole Kingsway in Edmonton, Alberta

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