Prenatal Massage Therapy is specifically tailored for expectant mothers to help reduce discomfort associated with pregnancy [back and neck pain] and support the healthy development of the fetus.

Prenatal Massage

Calling All Mothers!

These nine months are indeed magical. But they can also do a number on your body. But that’s to be expected.

You’re bringing new life into this world, and your body is going through many transformations just so your bundle of joy can arrive safe and whole.

With this wondrous transformation though, your body will go through some aches and pains. And what better way to alleviate this pain than through a prenatal massage in Edmonton!

Designed to relieve muscle pain, swelling, stress and various discomforts, a prenatal massage is just what the doctor ordered! Make the right decision for your health and wellbeing, and book a prenatal massage with Soul2Sole today!


Benefits of A Prenatal Massage

Hormone Regulation and Stress Relief

Increase levels of endorphins [nature’s pain reliever] and serotonin, thereby promoting a sense of well-being for mother and baby.  With the help of prenatal massages, dopamine and serotonin levels can increase and cure depressive episodes and erratic mood swings.


Alleviation of stress on weight-bearing joints

The extra weight and pressure on the lower back from an expanding uterus can contribute to spinal changes triggering nerve pain (sciatica). Sciatic nerve pain is most common later on during pregnancy as your baby grows. Eliminate the stress on weight-bearing joints, especially if you are experiencing leg pain, numbness or tingling. 


Improved Circulation

Increased blood circulation: more nutrients are directed toward the fetus’ development. Better circulation ensures the optimal flow of oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body including the womb to contribute to growth and development. 


Have questions or concerns? Please call us directly at one of our three locations in Edmonton or St. Albert, Alberta. You may also schedule an appointment online through the Jane App Booking system. 



60 min $100
75 min $125
90 min $145

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