Hot Stone Massage This specialty treatment involves the use of smooth, flat, heated volcanic stones placed on key energy centres, allowing free movement of energy throughout the body. Removal of energy blockages can be a powerful tool against the onset of many illnesses.

The Epitome of Relaxation at Soul2Sole

Smoothed from centuries of volcanic heat, the hot stones used in this type of massage therapy do more for your muscles and body than you can possibly imagine. Aside from relieving your body of pain and muscle tension, the hot stones that are placed at specific points on your body improve blood circulation while triggering your nervous system to releasing toxins. Along with improving your flow of energy, a hot stone massage significantly reduces anxiety and stress as well, and creates a sense of soothing comfort and warmth. Beneficial for those suffering from stiffness, the massage increases joint flexibility and relieves the painful symptoms of certain autoimmune diseases, as well as the symptoms of cancer. Located in Edmonton, Alberta; Soul2Sole offers hot stone massage therapy to all those in need of premium relaxation. Schedule an appointment today. Call us at 780-757-3452 and feel free to ask us any questions you may have about massage therapy.

The warmth of the stones can be relaxing and can loosen tight muscles so that the therapist can reach areas of muscle tension quickly.


  • Relief from arthritic pain
  • Improved circulation and flexibility
  • Fibromyalgia relief
  • Release of buildup of toxins
60 min$115
75 min$140
90 min$160
120 min$210

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