Scalp Massage Edmonton:

Our treatment promotes relaxation and reduces stress. A good scalp massage involves the tips of fingers to gently massage the head and scalp with numerous benefits including

  1. Increase Blood Flow
  2. Reducing Blood Pressure
  3. Relieving Headaches
  4. Promote Hair Growth.

scalp massage

Increases Blood Flow

It is been show through many studies and research papers that a head massage increases blood flow to the brain and provide blood circulation. This results in a benefits to the muscles in the neck and results in relaxation and stress relief. The symptoms of poor blood circulation in the scalp include:

  • Weak / brittle hair follicles
  • Rough or dry hair
  • Thinner hair
  • Decrease in hair volume

Effects on Blood Pressure

A regular massage on the head and scalp can significantly lower blood pressure and decrease strain. This was shown through a study of 34 female office workers that a quick session lasting just 15 minutes was able to provide many positive benefits on blood pressure after just 4 weeks.  In addition, the effects of lower pressure can lead to reduce chances of stroke and heart attacks and lower your stress hormones. Scalp massage can also improve mood and boost memory.

Promote Hair Growth

According to healthline and other research studies, scalp massage does seem to help with hair growth! Scalp massage targets the growth centers’ of hair follicles ( surface of the skin through which hair grows ) by stretching the cells. This stimulates these follicles to produce thicker hair. Although hair growth like hair implants cannot be guaranteed, it is a great and cost effective alternative to try out if you are looking for thicker hair.  Our massage treatments have shown to slow down or reverse hair loss especially among those suffering from Alopecia and other forms of hair loss.

Note: Student Massage Therapist session can not be claimed through insurance.

15 minutes Express Head/Scalp Massage with Student Price $28
30 minutes Express Head/Scalp Massage with Student Price $45.5
45 minutes Express Head/Scalp Massage with Student Price $56

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