How to Prepare for a Massage During COVID


The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a pause in operations all over the world. With the fear of illness looming in the air, people are also experiencing mental distress at this time. Droplets in the air resulting from sneezing, coughing, and even talking can lead to the virus spreading. With authorities insisting on six feet distance between people, is it possible to get massages during COVID?  More importantly, is it safe to do so?


Massages are beneficial for a lot more than recreational purposes. They can boost physical health and help us relax. With the anxiety brought about by the pandemic, massages can be a great way to help people relax and find their balance amidst this chaos.


It is, however, important to be safe because massages require close contact. You can’t maintain six feet distance from your therapist during a massage, so there’s a higher risk of contracting the virus. But you can take some measures that will keep you prepared to get a massage safely during the pandemic. Here’s a guide to help you out.


1. Choose a massage center that’s following the guidelines


Massage centers, like other businesses, need to follow guidelines while operating in the COVID-19 environment. Never choose to get a massage at a center that flouts COVID-19 protocols. What are these guidelines? We’ll go over them while covering the other precautions you should take. At Soul2Sole we take safety very seriously please follow the steps so everyone can have a safe and relaxing message.

follow four safety steps for safe massage


a) Please wear Mask Before You Enter The Building

In order to reduce the risk of Covid 19 infection in the studio.


b) Please wait outside if the reception area has more than 3 guests

This is to ensure social distance requirements and to follow the government protocols.


c) Sanitize Hands When Enter The Reception Area

We have hand sanitizer available for everyone as soon as you enter the studio. Please use on hands to reduce the spread


d) Please let staff take your temperature

The safety measure is to ensure you have no fever or symptoms.



2. Make sure you answer screening questions first


A preliminary set of screening questions helps to trace the history of illness. These questions relate to travel history, symptoms, and proximity to a COVID-19 positive patient. Don’t visit a center if you haven’t been asked to respond to these screening questions. If the center isn’t asking you, it’s not asking anyone else. You don’t want to take your chances with such a place. The screening questions aren’t just important to protect others at the center from you. They also help to protect you from others visiting the center for a massage.


3. Sanitize your hands and check your temperature


This is another protocol a good center should be following. Temperature checks have become commonplace even in grocery stores and supermarkets. While there’s still some debate on the efficacy of these checks, they can help to identify those with fever. A center should perform temperature checks at the entrance and have a hand sanitizer for people to use. This is a lot more likely to control the spread of the virus.


4. Pick a location that isn’t crowded


If you want to reduce your risk of contracting the virus while still getting a massage safely, choose a location that isn’t crowded. Physical and social distancing is important to prevent the spread of the virus. A massage won’t allow you to practice physical distancing from your therapist, but you can still practice physical distancing from others. Picking a center that isn’t too crowded will limit the number of people you could potentially come in contact with. You could also choose to go at a time when the center is relatively empty to increase safety. You can even check if the center has an option for home service and call a therapist home to do the massage. While you may not get massage center beds and tables with this, you can still enjoy a massage from the comfort of your home.

5. Arrive in time for your appointment


You don’t want to arrive early and wait in a common area for your appointment. While waiting rooms shouldn’t have magazines and other items during the pandemic, it’s safer if you arrive in time for your appointment. This way you can get started as soon as you reach without the need to share common waiting room space with others. If you end up arriving early though, you could always spend the remaining time waiting in your car till it’s time for your appointment.


6. Make sure the place is sanitized


A center that is following the protocols will take clients intermittently. Appointments will usually be spaced out with enough time in between each appointment to sanitize the massage room. Any equipment that was used must also be sanitized before you enter for your massage. Only one therapist should cater to one person at a time instead of switching between rooms of different clients while one relaxes. Proper sanitization will kill the virus on any surface and improve safety.


7. Keep your mask on at all times


Even if all other safety protocols for COVID-19 are followed, don’t take off your mask. You should also ensure that your therapist’s mask stays on for the full duration of the massage. The mask must cover the nose and mouth to prevent droplets from entering the body. Double masking is an effective technique to increase safety. Many massage parlors will provide you with masks that you can use during the massage. However, it’s always a good idea to carry your own mask and use it.


8. Check that the room has enough ventilation


An AC may make you feel cool during your massage, but it doesn’t help protect you from the virus. You need to make sure that the massage takes place in a well-ventilated room that has open windows for air circulation.


9. Skip the face massage


You will have to take your mask off if you plan to get a face massage. No matter how much you think a face massage can help you, don’t take your mask off for anything. You could always get a face massage when it’s safer to do so.


10. Avoid massages with essential oils


Essentials oils give out an aroma that is hard to resist. It’s tempting to take deep breaths to smell the goodness of these oils. Considering the virus spreads through droplets in the air, taking deep breaths isn’t the best idea when you’re getting a massage. Skip the essential oils so that you won’t be tempted to take deep breaths during your massage.


11. Pay through contactless means


Don’t exchange cash at any center. Opt to pay through contactless means to reduce physical contact with others and keep yourself safe.


Massage During COVID Summary

At Soul2Sole Massage, we stay up to date and comply with the full safety standards of all rules and regulations. We want to make sure your massage during Covid is safe and relaxing.

If restrictions allow you to do so please book an appointment with our Jane App or give us a call today at our South or Central location.