You most likely have many questions about booking a massage session, especially if you plan on making an appointment soon. Many people are unsure of what to expect, the proven benefits, the costs, and the specifics of the matter. Here, we’ll answer some common massage therapy FAQ in detail. We look forward to seeing you soon!

massage therapy FAQ

FAQ 1: How Much Does Massage Therapy Cost?

Like anything else, prices vary depending on where you go. Generally speaking, the higher the quality is, the more expensive the massage experience is. Massages usually work hourly pay-wise, and you can book a session anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. The rate tends to be $60 to $150 per hour, though it can vary greatly. If you are budget conscious call about our massage therapist in training prices to get an amazing massage with one of our talented students. 

Some massage studios offer payment plans or credit systems if you don’t have enough money upfront. Soul2Sole offers direct billing from a large range of insurance providers in Edmonton and Alberta. 


FAQ2: Can You Stop a Massage?

You can always stop a massage if you feel uncomfortable. A massage is meant to relax the body and mind. So, if you feel uncomfortable, you’re in charge of expressing concerns to the massage therapist. Whether it’s a result of nervousness, pain, or an emergency, always be vocal about any issues you might have.

A good rule of thumb is to bring up any issues before the massage begins. That way, the massage therapist knows of any potential issues and can help make your experience better. Even if you’re shy or quiet, do what you can to express your concerns, so the experience is better for you. A common reason people might stop a massage is to go to the bathroom. If you have the urge to go, you cannot relax and therefore should tell your massage therapist right away!


FAQ 3: What if I Get a Stomach Issue During a Massage?

Like your ability to stop a massage at any point, stomach issues are similar to your ability. Realize that the massage therapist has experienced every embarrassing act you can imagine. Don’t feel embarrassed if your stomach growls or you have an emergency in the bathroom. 

Express what’s going on to your massage therapist and move on. After your stomach issue is addressed, you can either continue the session or leave early. The ball is always in your court with what happens.


FAQ 4: What Happens if Fall Asleep?

It’s widespread for people to fall asleep during a massage. If it happens to you, don’t worry. During relaxing massages, many people feel elevated to the point of comfort, causing their bodies and mind to shut down. Many massage therapists consider this a compliment since it signifies that their massage capabilities are working.

As a result, don’t expect to stay awake and alert throughout the process. Do what you can to relax and let the stress of your everyday worries run off you. The more relaxed you are, the better the experience tends to be. If you happen to fall asleep during that process, it’s okay!


FAQ 5: Can I Talk During a Massage?

Many people are unsure about talking during a massage since there’s a general stigma that you must be quiet throughout the process. First and foremost, always feel free to express any discomfort or concerns you have while getting a massage.

However, it’s recommended to avoid casual conversation during a massage. Talking can cause increased tension and limit the effectiveness of the massage. Do what you can to lay back and allow the massage therapy to do wonders on your body. Only talk if there’s an issue you must bring up.


FAQ 6: Can I Tell a Massage Therapist That Some Areas Are Off Limits?

Yes, as stated earlier, you completely control what goes on with your body. Before the massage begins, a therapist will ask if you have any concerns or needs. Go through and highlight any areas you don’t want to be affected. The massage therapist will listen; as you can assume, private areas are always off-limits.


FAQ 7: What Training Does a Massage Therapist Do?

The training a massage therapist receives varies depending on where you live. In North America, aspiring registered massage therapists, RMT, require 600 to 700 hours of training, which they can go to massage school for. Most therapists continue taking education classes to learn more about techniques and implementation.


FAQ 8: When Should I Avoid Massage Therapy?

As beneficial as a massage is, it’s not meant for everyone. If you have high blood pressure, deep-vein thrombosis (when a blood clot forms in a deep vein), or a skin condition, you should check with a doctor before getting a massage. Also, if you have a fever, feel sick, or recently had an accident, you should postpone your appointment.


FAQ 9: Can I File a Complaint against a Massage Therapist?

Yes, you can legally file a complaint against a massage therapist if something wrong happens. You can file a complaint with the massage studio or a licensing entity if it’s a more significant legal or ethical issue. Every province and state varies with its complaint-handling procedure, so be aware of what you must do where you live.


FAQ 10: What Are the Benefits of Massages?

There are many benefits related to massage therapy. The primary reason anyone receives a massage is because of the vast benefits tied to the matter. Examples of massage benefits include relaxation, injury recovery, athletic massage, pain reduction, stress relief, physical therapy, and more. You can read more about massage benefits here.


FAQ 11: Will I Be Naked During My Massage?

Even if you receive a massage that’s typically done with you just being a towel, understand you’re in charge of what you wear. If you’re more comfortable in other layers, wear whatever works best.

Either way, hear what the massage specialist recommends, but don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with. 

Please remember to turn off your phone during entering as there are others currently enjoying a relaxing and therapeutic massage.


FAQ 12: Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, we do! Give the gift of massage to your loved one, friend, coworker or even yourself for that matter! A massage gift card at Soul2Sole makes for a perfect couple’s gift that never expires. Give the gift of relaxation and stress relief this holiday season


More Massage Therapy FAQ?

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