Posted Oct 29, 2018 and filed under Customer Reviews.

I was at Soul 2 Sole on Oct. 20th having an 1 hour massage with Jel. I told her about lower back pain I’ve been having for almost a month due to a strenuous workout that I’ve been doing for quite a few years. I couldn’t stay in a sitting position for too long because of the pain. To my surprise she explained that she was sure that the pain was coming from my calves muscles and legs. She worked on those points really hard applying a combination of deep tissue and Thailand massage. It worked wonders my lower back pain disappeared.

Now I can stay in a sitting position for a few hours without any pain at all. My work out is more enjoyable than ever. I will continue going for monthly massages to keep me energized and pain free as well as the other healthy benefits.

Thank you so much Jel!!!

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