Direct billing now accepted with Blue Cross

Posted Jan 30, 2015 and filed under News.

Please present your Alberta Blue Cross benefit card to us and we will handle the rest!

Blue Cross has a variety of different plans and products – here are some simple suggestions to let you know if you are eligible.

  • Must have Extended Health Benefits coverage that includes massage therapy
  • Must have a valid Doctors note on file with Blue Cross at the time of massage treatment

If you are unsure of what your plan covers, please contact Blue Cross or your Human Resource department to confirm what your policy covers. Due to the Privacy to Information Act, Blue Cross will not provide us with any information surrounding your policy.

We are able to direct bill online – so we will be able to know how much your plan covers and if your claim is rejected, we will have a note stating the reason why. We will print out the statement and you can discuss it with Blue Cross or your Human Resource Department on what needs to be done to be eligible.

Please be prepared to pay for your visits in the event that Blue Cross will not cover your treatments. We are unable to provide you with a credit to be paid for at a later date.