When it comes to massage therapies, you’ve probably heard of traditional Thai massage a lot. This practice has established a name for itself, thanks to the countless benefits that it presents. It can reduce headaches and back pain as well as joint stiffness and pain. It’s also known to improve range of motion, stimulate circulation, lower stress, and boost energy. 

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience to release stress and relax, getting a traditional Thai massage in Edmonton, AB is a great idea. That said, you must gain at least a basic understanding of the process to get the most out of your session. 

To help you out, we’ll be going through some fundamentals of traditional Thai massage in the sections below: 

The Story Behind the Traditional Thai Massage We Enjoy Today 

Traditional Thai massage has an interesting history. Although it is mainly a product of the Thais’ ancient healing traditions, it also has its roots from Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It fuses Chinese and Indian healing philosophies with indigenous Thai healing traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

It’s also worth mentioning that, before, Buddist monks are the ones who played the role of healers (the therapists of today). During that time, only they had access to these healing traditions. As a result, they’re the ones people visit to seek relief from their physical pain and discomfort. 

However, the recorded history of Thai massage was lost in 1767 during the Burmese attack on Ayutthaya. It was in 1832 when King Rama III institutionalized the surviving knowledge of therapeutic points and herbal remedies called “sen” in stone epigraphs. You can see these same stone epigraphs at the Wat Pho temple complex in Bangkok today. 

Important Points to Know About Thai Massage Before Your Session 

Traditional Thai massage is quite different from other types of relaxation massage. Here are some of the things you can expect in your first session: 

1. It May Be Painful 

This practice involves quite a lot of pressing, pulling, stretching, squeezing, and so on. For this reason, traditional Thai massages can feel unpleasant and even painful at times. Nevertheless, you’ll most likely feel this discomfort only in the beginning. This is because it is during this time that the massage therapist starts identifying tension areas and unblocking energy pathways in your body. 

As you return for further sessions, you will feel your muscle and limbs loosen up, ultimately making the massage more bearable. You’ll also begin to feel light and rejuvenated once your body becomes accustomed to the acupressure. 

With that said, remember that you can always let your therapist know if you want to make the massage more or less intense.

2. It Doesn’t Use Oil 

Unlike other massage therapies, you will keep your clothes on for your traditional Thai massage. This is because this practice does not use any kind of oil. Rather, it uses strokes and rubs, squeezes and presses to relieve you of your body pain and tension. Furthermore, your therapist will guide you through making seemingly impossible yoga-like positions, stretching your body in many different ways. 

It’s also worth noting that massage places provide customers with loose-fitting shirts and pants you can change into for the session. No need to worry about your attire!  


Traditional Thai massage can give you the rest and relaxation that other massage techniques fail to deliver. However, there are certain pointers you must know to prepare well for your appointment and get the most out of the session. 

It will certainly be quite different from the massage experience you’re used to. Nevertheless, with regular sessions, you will surely feel that life-changing feeling that only a traditional Thai massage can give! 

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