At any given moment, many of us are crossing 30, getting pregnant, starting college, or beginning a new career. And with the New Year being just around the corner, your resolutions—as you embark on these new journeys—are probably already in writing. We know you can’t wait to get on your feet and conquer the world!

But your feet need a little rest and some love if they’re going to carry you around without complaint. So if your New Year’s resolution is to get back on your feet, it’s best to start from the bottom.

As it stands right now, you’re probably exhausting your feet by moving around all day, and not even realizing it. And a pedicure only makes them look pretty and dainty.

You need something that relaxes your feet and gives them the pampering they deserve. Here’s why you need a massage treat before the sun sets on 2019.

Health is where the heart is

Studies have confirmed the interrelation between cardiac wellbeing and massage. Even getting a massage for a short while can greatly improve your heart rate. If you’ve been suffering from blood pressure issues, heart palpitations or low stamina, for example, you need to sign up for a massage session.

Think of it this way: it’s one massage, and a never-ending list of benefits. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

And let’s not forget, there’s NOTHING more important than your cardiovascular health. Your quality of life literally depends on it. In short, you’re bracing your heart for the challenges to come by getting a massage.

Foot Massage

Put your mind to it

Unless you put your mind to something, the chances of success are slim. Look back at all the half-hearted attempts in your past; did they turn out well? Probably not.

But it’s hard to focus your mind on one thing when there’s so much going on. As a matter of fact, stressed minds have a lot more going on inside them than even real life.

This is not to say that your stresses are trivial. They’re not. This only means that even the greatest of minds need their share of rest, and yours is no different.

Nothing soothes your mind better than a deep, intensive massage. Imagine hot oil being massaged onto your skin over your foot muscles till you feel like you’re flying in the skies. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Let’s not forget that it will help you reduce cortisol levels so serotonin can flood your brain and relax your mind. You won’t believe it until you feel it!

Become your own armour

As much as we all like a day off from work, you don’t want the flu or a fever to be the reason behind it. It’s so painful when even gulping liquids hurts, or when your eyes are sore and watery all the time.

It’s not fun to sit up all night in bed, trying to breathe through your mouth. Those who fall sick frequently know the pain.

So how about we help build your immunity against sickness? Did you know that stress is a leading cause of a weakened immune system? Not sleeping enough, overthinking, not being able to eat well, and worrying excessively can actually make you prone to catching illnesses.

Who needs a knight in shining armour when you can become your own armour? Let us help you build your shield.

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