Why people are Afraid of Acupuncture? Many people are afraid of acupuncture despite the mounting evidence showing its benefits. It’s an ancient medical practice that’s been around for over 2,000 years. Some utilize it instead of sedation during a medical procedure, as a solution for infertility, and as a way to restore the body.

The therapy uses needles set along marks of the body to advance recovery and reestablish the body’s capabilities. Regardless, needle therapy appears puzzling and startling to some, causing many not to seek out the therapy, even if it’s beneficial. Nevertheless, below will discuss why people fear it, a general FAQ, and our Acupuncture services Edmonton guide.

The Reasons Why People are Afraid Of Acupuncture

Afraid of Acupuncture - Overcome your fears today

1. Afraid of Acupuncture because of Needles

Many people won’t attempt needle therapy because of an expressed feeling of dread toward needles.  This fear, known as trypanophobia, can be considered rational for individuals who have a genuine phobia or have had a previous traumatic experience involving needles especially during childhood. However, it is crucial to note that acupuncture needles are much thinner than those used for injections or blood draws, and the sensation experienced during an acupuncture session is often described as a mild tingling or slight pressure rather than pain. While some individuals fear needles, others are reluctant because of the feeling connected with needles. Have confidence and realize it doesn’t do any harm.

The needles utilized in needle therapy are nothing like you’re accustomed to seeing. Instead, the needles are meagre, solid and round at the tip. These needles don’t hurt as much, with patients reporting that needle therapy treatment is unwinding.

After a diagnosis, the Acupuncturist will put the needles and place you in a peaceful situation for 15 to 20 minutes before removing the needles. It allows the needles to open blood flow and brain processing power to reestablish well-being and prosperity in your body.


2. Afraid of Acupuncture because of Uncertainty of Effectiveness

Many are unsure if acupuncture is effective since it’s a holistic healing method. Much evidence shows acupuncture’s effectiveness in treating various injuries, pain, depression, headaches, arthritis, infertility, and insomnia.

Some newer studies discovered that acupuncture and in Vitro fertilization (a procedure used to help with fertility) could benefit a woman’s odds of successfully conceiving. Regardless, if people educate themselves better on the subject, they’ll know what to expect from the therapy.


3. Afraid of Acupuncture due to Cost

Acupuncture costs are similar to routine office visits. Depending on the provider, sessions last around an hour and cost between $40 to $80. Ultimately, it’s an affordable solution, especially with what it offers to the average person. Some massage studios offer payment plans, though you should check with the studio about payment before moving forward.

Regardless, acupuncture isn’t as expensive as some people believe. It’s especially not as expensive since patients won’t need to seek a session regularly. At Soul 2 Sole Studio, we ensure our Edmonton Acupuncture service is affordable and within your budget.


4. Afraid of Acupuncture due Infection

Concerns about infection from acupuncture needles can be considered rational, given the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and sterilization practices. However, licensed acupuncturists are required to follow strict safety guidelines, including using single-use, sterile needles and adhering to proper needle disposal methods. The risk of infection is extremely minimal when receiving treatment from a qualified professional.


Fears associated with acupuncture are most definitely rational and justifiable, especially considering the individual’s circumstances, past experiences, and knowledge. However, by learning more about the treatment, consulting with a qualified acupuncturist, and understanding the potential benefits, many of these fears can be alleviated, allowing individuals to make an informed decision about whether acupuncture is a suitable therapy for their needs. Read more about FAQs related to this traditional treatment.


FAQ About Acupuncture 

Now that we’ve covered why people fear acupuncture, there are plenty of other topics to highlight. The best way to discuss the matter is to review a general faq related to the subject. We’ll highlight hesitations, what we say to clients, how to set the stage, what it feels like, and more.

What does an acupuncture needle feel like?

An acupuncture needle feels nothing like the average person expects it to feel. Usually, once a therapist inserts the needle, the person doesn’t realize it, even if it’s their first time. It’s tricky to explain how it feels since it varies depending on the person receiving treatment and who is performing the therapy.

Generally speaking, the feeling either doesn’t exist or is dull and achy. If there is a feeling, it doesn’t feel like how you’d imagine it. In Chinese medicine, the sensation is called a de qi sensation. It’s a heavy descending feeling, causing a slight thump within the body, making you know the process is working.

More delicate areas of the body are more susceptible to pain and will feel more sensitive during the early stages of the process. Still, if you feel uncomfortable, ensure your therapist knows. Sharpness and discomfort aren’t a part of the de qi sensation, so don’t think you must tough it out.

How do you soothe clients who are having a hard time?

As a massage studio, we ensure our clients know the service they’re receiving. We take the time to discuss if a client fears needles, has experience in the service, or has any questions. Once we know their requirements and questions, we get them comfortable before receiving quality needle therapy.

What hesitations do people have about acupuncture?

The primary hesitation is a fear of needles, with individuals stressing that needle therapy will be painful. On the other hand, if it’s not about pain, people are unsure of what to expect. It’s a significant mental hindrance, with many not seeking needle therapy for fear of one of those issues occurring.

What do you say to clients who are worried about needles?

We begin the process by showing clients the needles we use. A needle isn’t the right word for needles in acupuncture since the needles are more of a pin. It’s much thinner than what the average person associates with a needle. It has a diameter of a strand of hair, is soft, and blends very easily.

The needle’s size allows it to slip between skin cells instead of tearing through the area. Rather than pushing into your skin, it goes in quickly without causing blood. Even if a needle hits a small blood vessel, it’s a small drop and isn’t anything to worry about.

How do you set the stage for acupuncture as a relaxing experience?

It’s best to tell clients that many people find the experience so relaxing that they fall asleep on the table. Once clients understand it’s relaxing, they tend to ease their nerves. Many people worry that acupuncture needles will cause pain and discomfort, but the opposite is true.


Why People Are Afraid of Acupuncture Conclusion

If you’re afraid of acupuncture, there are many ways to ease your mind and benefit your body from the experience. These options are available from the best massage studios, including Soul 2 Sole studio in Edmonton, Alberta. As an Acupuncture Edmonton service, we believe in what we offer.


Consider checking out acupuncture if searching for a harmless, all-natural medical option. Treatment plans vary depending on the patient’s symptoms and needs, making meeting us in person and discussing your requirements vital. We’re here to help and look forward to working with you!