Winter is here, but we all still need to blow off some steam from time to time. Why? Because work, work, work, work.

But winter season doesn’t have to mean dark days that are full of stress—especially if you book an appointment for a steam room session.

We’ve trained our minds to think that resting or accepting defeat is a sign of weakness. The truth is, it’s not.

You can’t always win against all the adversities you face.

You can’t always get appreciation for your work, because someone else’s might be better.

You can’t always be in people’s good books despite doing everything right.

You can’t always be fit and healthy, because you’re human.

So it’s time you stop beating yourself up for needing a little break and letting your body rest. Here’s why you need a steam room session.

Skin Detoxification

Women in a steam room

Have you bought into those fancy salon ads that feature steam during facials? They sure do look luxurious. But how about a steam treatment for your entire body?

Hot steam helps open pores that have been clogged, preventing your skin from breathing. Moreover, exposing your skin to steam allows it to detoxify and moisturize from deep within. The result is nourishment for the skin and a subtle glow, even during winter.

The best part about a steam room session is that you can apply anything to your skin right after and it’s guaranteed to go right in. So keep those fragrant oils handy.

Better Circulation

Numbness in your limbs and muscle cramps are both red flags. These are not normal situations. There’s a solid reason for why this is happening so frequently. It’s best to try to understand what your body is telling you.

Poor blood circulation is often the culprit behind such problems. Blood is the fuel that keeps our bodies running, so you need to make sure that it’s pathway is unobstructed.

A steam room will do well for your blood vessels as they begin to expand, allowing for clear passage. This is all the nourishment your limbs need to not go limp or numb!

Healthier Breathing

What are you told to do when your heart is racing?

What are you suggested during a panic attack?

What are you supposed to do to help labour pains pass?

Breathe. That’s right.

Breathing is the best way to stabilize your vitals. But sometimes, nose blockages and respiratory issues can restrict breathing. Mucus that’s stuck in your nasal passage causes congestion. People who suffer from stuffy noses would give anything to be able to breathe fully again.

During a steam session, your mucous membrane tends to expand and allow the congestion to clear out. This not only enables better breathing but also boosts the health of your lungs. A regular steam session can go a long way in making you a fitter person holistically.

So what are you waiting for? Breathe the change in the air this New Year and come to us.

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