We’re often so caught up with our busy lives that we neglect the things that matter the most: our health and wellness. Don’t ignore the red flags—like constant neck pain or stiff muscles; these signs are our bodies’ way of communicating what it needs—and sometimes that’s a massage.

We need massages to reduce the tension in our muscles before they become chronic. A good rubdown of our overburdened bodies doesn’t just feel nice, studies show that massage therapy has tons of health benefits too. Plus, for some of us, massage goes beyond relaxation; some of us need a good massage therapy for medical or physical reasons.

So, how can you tell when your body really needs a therapeutic massage? Here are some unmistakable signs that suggest you need to book a massage appointment, stat!

You’re sedentary for most part of the day

Working a desk job may seem harmless but there’s a high chance it’s wreaking havoc on your spinal and postural health. Being hunched over the desk in the same position for too long can build tension in muscles; this leads to headaches, poor posture and pain in the lower back.

Getting a massage relieves the strain in your muscles and releases knots that have build up during the day. This does wonders for your spinal health and helps you relax. Additionally, you may be unaware of the strain constant typing puts on your forearms. A massage therapist effectively applies pressure at your acupuncture points to promote improved circulation throughout the arms.

You have poor posture

If you notice that you have developed a raised shoulder over the years, this might be an indication that you’re holding tension in your back and neck—resulting in poor muscle strength.

Schedule a Massage

Massage not only relieves the tension in these muscles, but also relaxes the muscles, allowing them to move into their natural positions freely. This supports the spine and improves muscle flexibility—if muscles in the back have shortened over time, periodic massages can assist in lengthening them.

You feel stressed out

Stress is a multi-faceted problem that can result from work deadlines, family situations, overwhelming emotions or health problems. Even though it isn’t easy to take the source of stress out of our lives, we can relieve it; and getting a massage is an ideal way to do that!

Massage decreases the concentration of stress hormones in our body and increases the level of endorphins—stress relieving hormones responsible in uplifting our mood. Getting a massage decompresses us naturally, and helps the body rejuvenate and recharge—both physically and mentally!

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