A mother’s pregnancy is a very special time for her. However, despite the magnanimity of this gift, it’s also a huge burden on her.

Pregnancy necessitates that you’re physically, mentally and emotionally invested in caring for your future child. Nature offers no concessions when it comes to carrying a child in your womb. But we’re here to care for you and your child by maximizing your comfort.

Here’s why prenatal massages are a necessity for pregnant mothers.

Prenatal Massage Vs. Perineal Massage

Since we’re on the topic, it’s helpful to distinguish between the two kinds of massages pregnant women need.

Therapeutic prenatal massages are an essential part of prenatal care. They promote the baby’s wellbeing and are healing for the mother.

Perineal massages, on the other hand, are performed to help with the birthing process. They focus on stretching the tissues around the birth canal and help reduce the risk of trauma or episiotomy during delivery.

Why women need prenatal care

· Hormone Regulation

Introducing massage therapy during a woman’s prenatal period leads to much pain relief. This enables the mother to relax and de-stress, thus improving their emotional wellbeing and cardiovascular health.

A stressed pregnant woman can suffer from fluctuating levels of cortisol and norepinephrine. Since cortisol is responsible for inducing stress, it can make the woman feel constantly distressed and low.

This can also affect her immunity system, making her susceptible to ailments. With the help of prenatal massages, dopamine and serotonin levels can be increased to cure depressive episodes and erratic mood swings.

Not to mention, it largely cuts down the risk of complications during birth and subsequent birth defects.

· Swelling

The expansion of the uterus puts pressure on the blood vessels, which causes the joints to swell. This, paired with restricted movement and reduced blood circulation, further aggravates the condition.

Massage therapy helps stimulate these tissues with the help of hand movements and bodywork. This works against the collection of fluids in the joints and thereby curbs swelling. This also effectively enhances the body’s lymph system, removing tissue waste.

· Nerve Pain

As the uterus descends on the pelvic floor, expecting mothers experience sciatic nerve pain during their last few months. This also puts pressure on their lower back and restricts movement considerably. The pressure on the pelvic floor also extends the burden on the upper thighs and lower limbs, causing the legs to swell up as well.

Along with the stress of the impending childbirth, this can put expecting women under added pressure. Prenatal massages can take some of that worry away! They work on tensed nerves and reduce inflammation by massaging nearby muscles.

If you’ve just heard the good news, you better start with a care routine immediately. We offer the best prenatal massage care in Edmonton. Book an appointment right away!