Whether a massage is a part of your usual routine or you’ve never gotten one before, knowing what to wear for a massage is extremely important. 

This article will highlight what to wear during a massage, with examples such as a spa massage, full body massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, and much more. We’ll also discuss what not to do at a massage and a few general points every person should know before getting a massage.


What to Wear When Going for a Massage

Knowing what to wear during a massage is an area discussed often with friends and family. Whether it’s a job interview, the job itself, working out or going out, what we wear impacts that specific activity. The same goes with massages, with the type of massage being a factor in the dress code.

Generally speaking, you should wear something comfortable and stretchy on the legs (tights or joggers) and try not to wear belts, pants, or shorts with next to no stretch or lots of pockets. The idea is to dress as comfortably as possible, though this varies, making it worthwhile to ask the massage specialist what you should wear.


What to Wear for a Massage at a Spa

Spa massages tend to be more intimate than a traditional massage, with most patients wearing swimwear or underwear. If your booked treatment requires full or partial nudity, you will be allowed to strip down before the treatment begins. However, only book the massage you’re comfortable with and okay to do.


What to Wear for a Full Body Massage

What you should wear for a full-body massage depends on your comfort level. Most massages specialists are talented at safeguarding your body. It’ll make you feel great, and you won’t have to reveal anything. Regardless, dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothing.


What to Wear for a Thai Massage

Thai massages differ from the whole body and spa massages, where patients wear clothes. You will remain dressed entirely for a Thai massage, so ensure you wear breathable clothing and extend without any problem. Again, talk to the specialist to double-check what is allowed clothing-wise.


What to Wear for a Swedish Massage

Like a spa massage, the Swedish massage varies depending on your preference. However, expect to undress a bit. Some users choose to be completely naked while others keep their underwear or swimsuit on. The option is entirely up to you.


What to Wear for a Deep Tissue Massage

Though the name suggests you’ll need to go down to your underwear like a Swedish or spa massage, that isn’t the case. Many people wear loose-fitting clothes while getting a deep tissue massage, and that’s completely okay. Do what’s comfortable for you and check with the specialist to wear a massage.


What NOT to Do at a Massage

We discussed the proper dress etiquette for a massage, so let’s highlight what not to do. Though not everybody knows what you should do with this, it’s just as important. You never know what is expected of you, especially since every massage studio is different


1. Be Body Conscious

Most people are self-conscious about what to wear for a massage and their bodies. It’s understandable if you’re worried about someone else seeing you in this setting. You have to understand that massage specialists see people in this world all the time, meaning you’re not going to stand out.

Dress what you’re comfortable with, and never let a massage specialist force you to remove clothing. Some massages will require you to remove a few clothing layers, but you will always have the option of wearing your underwear or swimsuit if that’s preferable.


2. Tell the Expert How to Massage

Even if you have years of experience with massages, never tell the massage therapist what they’re doing is wrong (unless they’re hurting or making you uncomfortable). There are some exceptions. Still, don’t act like you know what to do, especially to an expert in the field.


3. Not Be Vocal Even If Something is Wrong

If something hurts or you’re suddenly in pain, speak up. It’s beautiful if you want to be quiet throughout the massage, but always be alert whenever something is wrong. Whether you’re experiencing pain or aren’t comfortable with something the massage therapist is doing, always be vocal.


4. Don’t Shower

People who highlight what to wear for a massage should also focus on the necessity of showering before one. Since massages are on the whole body, showering is in your best interest before getting one. 

Some massage studios may have showers accessible for you to use.  A nice hot shower before a massage will also get your muscles and body feeling relaxed and prepared for a massage.  Having a quick rinse and shower before going to a massage is both proper etiquette and good massage prep.  


5. Eat A Lot Right Before the Massage

Some people eat a lot before a massage without realizing it could affect their massage experience. You could be overly bloated or risk getting nauseous from a massage after eating. It doesn’t mean you should avoid eating altogether. Don’t eat a large meal a couple of hours before getting a massage! You don’t want to go to the bathroom in the middle of a massage. Worse, though, eating a lot before getting a massage can cause a stomach ache or cramps. How much to eat before going for a massage? Think of going to a massage like you would be going to a workout or for a swim.


What to Wear for a Massage – Conclusion

Every massage requires the proper clothing, so always be aware of what that clothing is. Thankfully, most massage studios are friendly enough that they can walk you through the process and give you recommendations. 

Nevertheless, if you have any questions about massages or are looking for a massage in Edmonton, visit us at Soul 2 Sole Studio!