Massages allow people to relax and unwind after weeks of being embroiled in a busy schedule. Different massages focus on treating different problems, depending on what a person is feeling.  

A hot stone massage involves a massage therapist placing warm to hot stones on certain areas of your body to relieve pain or stiffness. They leave clients feeling extremely relaxed, since the stones radiate heat deep into the core of the body.

If you’re intrigued by the idea, but don’t know whether it’s worth going to a massage studio for one, keep reading.

What to Expect During the Massage

The process is relatively straightforward. You’ll be instructed to lie on your stomach and while lying flat, heated stones will be placed across specific parts of your body—usually along the acupressure points.

Usually, these stones are made of volcanic rock that retains heat effectively. Some of the areas that these stones are placed against may be:

  • Your palms
  • You spine
  • Your feet and toes

Next, your massage therapist may use these stones to make circular motions and long strokes along the affected area or tap along it.

If your massage therapist deems fit, they may choose to place cooler stones on your body after the hot stones are placed—this is done to soothe the skin.

What to Expect Afterwards

Two of the main changes that people report noticing after a hot stone massage is a boost in their immune system and better sleep.

According to studies, massage may be a plausible alternative to sleeping pills for adults with sleep apnea. The research found that massage reduces stress, while at the same time, promoting relaxation and sleep.

Another research indicated that one session of Swedish massage therapy significantly boosted immunity. A clear decrease in arginine-vasopressin, a hormone that regulated blood-pressure, was noticed post-massage therapy.

Person getting a massage

If you’re someone who has been thinking of booking a hot stone massage session, we hope this helps.

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