As the name suggests, hot stone massage is a procedure that involves positioning warm stones on certain parts of the body to restore health. These hot stones are used for localizing heat and weight which aids the process of stress release and recovery during the massage.

This massage technique has been practiced for centuries across Africa, Europe, Egypt, and India to improve the functioning of internal organs. If you feel stiff and stressed, your body may be in need of a hot stone massage treatment.

Here’s all you need to know about the massage.

Basics of Hot Stone Massage

Volcanic stones are conventionally used during hot stone massages because they have been smoothed from centuries of volcanic heat.

These flat and warm volcanic rocks channel heat toward energy centers so that energy can travel freely throughout the body. Just the warmth and placement of these hot stones has a soothing effect that releases stiffness and increases joint flexibility.

This helps stabilize energy imbalances in the body and releases stress knots. Pairing Swedish massage technique with hot stone therapy allows therapists to include kneading, rolling and long strokes in the process as well. In order cases, the therapist may even use your anatomy to map out the placement of these stones.


Before beginning the session, the therapist will heat the stones in a professional heater until they reach a desirable temperature. This often varies between 110 and 130 F. Professionals take special care to not overheat the stones in order to prevent burns or discomfort.


The therapist may place the stones in between toes, on either side of the spine and/or in the palms of your hand. They may also be set on your abdominal region, feet or limbs. The sizes of stones vary according to the area of the body where they’re placed, and the weight required for that region.

Once the heat has penetrated deep into the skin, the massage therapist will use massage oil on the skin and glide the stones. Moving in long strokes along the muscles on the back, neck, shoulders and legs, the therapist will ease out tension and de-stress the body. The stones may or may not be kept in the same place until the end.


People who describe chills in the body often find this kind of massage deeply relaxing. The warmth not only soothes the senses, but also helps relax tension from the muscles. With more relaxed muscles, the massage therapist can more effectively knead their way into the deeper tissues with light pressure.

Hot stone massages have been popularly used for problems such as anxiety, back pain, depression and even insomnia.

If you’re suffering from one of these problems, our hot stone massage therapy in Edmonton can help. Our therapists are specialized in this and other techniques such as deep tissue massage and sports massage as well.  Come to us any time!