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It’s safe to assume you’ve heard of a couples massage, even if you and your partner haven’t gotten one. Every massage studio offers one, and they’re popular around the holidays, especially Valentine’s Day. Who wouldn’t love a
romantic winter getaway? Regardless of your knowledge, you might wonder what the point of a couples massage is.


Generally speaking, a couples massage is commonly relaxing and isn’t always for romantic couples. Many close friends and family members get together to pass the time and enhance their lives. You won’t honestly know about the benefits of one until you try out our couples massage Edmonton package.


What is a Couples Massage in Edmonton?

Couples Massage Edmonton

In its simplest form, a couples massage is when two people get an individual massage while lying near each other—usually in separate beds. Each person has a massage therapist throughout the process, and it might include music, candle lighting, or aromatherapy (the practice of using essential oils).


Though these sessions are commonly shared between partners, many friends, siblings, or relatives get them together. It doesn’t matter who you get one with since it’s meant as a de-stress and anxiety solution, relieving tension throughout the body and mind. Many people who aren’t dating get them together, so don’t feel weird or worried in that respect.


What to Wear to a Couples Massage

What you wear to a massage depends on the massage type. Generally speaking, every massage type recommends you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. However, if you get a Swedish massage, the specialist will likely ask you to undress and cover yourself with a towel. Remember to keep that in mind, but only do what you’re comfortable with.


Top Massages for Couples

As you can expect, there are plenty of options to consider when discussing massage techniques for couples. The options are usually influenced by traditional practices derived from international cultures. Each option does something different, meaning seeing what fits you and your partner best is worthwhile. Nevertheless, here are the primary types of massages for couples:

#1 Thai Massage

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Getting a traditional Thai Massage in Edmonton at Soul2Sole Studio

A Thai massage is more physical than what people associate with a massage. The process combines yoga techniques and acupuncture by focusing on the five balancing elements within the body. The therapist will stretch, pull, and crack you to help release tension.

#2 Reflexology


Instead of a full-body massage, reflexology targets the hands and feet. Also known as zone therapy, massage therapists apply pressure on muscles surrounding the hands and feet to relax and eliminate tension. Many believe in reflexology for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety.

#3 Swedish Couple Massage Edmonton

A Swedish massage is considered classic or traditional since it’s popular in the West. The gentle massage method relaxes and stimulates nerves and blood flow. It’s meant as a relaxing experience rather than focusing on profoundly healing the body like a Thai massage (though a Thai massage is relaxing in its way).

#4 Couples Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage in Edmonton

A deep tissue massage is a more thorough variation of a Swedish massage. This massage focuses on digging out the inner knots and tension causing issues. As you can imagine, the technique utilizes a lot of pressure, with the massage therapist using their knuckles and elbows throughout the process.


What is Different About a Couples Massage?

At the end of the day, the real difference between a traditional and a couples massage is you receive your massage at the same time as your partner. Though some massage studios offer extras during it, such as music, aromatherapy, or a couple of specials, the techniques are the same. This time spent relaxing together and experiencing a massage with your partner offers an extra emotional element and can be an excellent gift for that special day or anniversary date. 


What is the Point of a Couples Massage?

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Like any other massage, a couples massage relieves stress and benefits the body. This method also provides all the personal benefits you’d typically associate with a massage. However, that’s not the only reason many couples get massages together.

A couples massage is something new for partners to try; it promotes quality time, encourages intimacy, and is a bonding experience. Often, couples who have been together for a long time are looking for new experiences to try together. A massage is an option worth considering, whether you want to do it together or alone for other benefits.


Couples Massage Edmonton Conclusion

Research before booking an appointment is the most significant point to make with any massage. Only some massage studios will provide the right services for you, which will differ depending on where you go. Online reviews and websites are good places to analyze and determine the best option. Couples Massage Edmonton is becoming a popular choice for spending quality time with a friend or loved one and creates a beautiful experience together, similar to going to a spa. 


Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions throughout the process. Whether you are unsure about something, have a question, or are looking to book an appointment, most massage studios are more than willing to help. We want to ensure you get the best possible couples massage Edmonton experience and are here to help!