Experiencing pain in the elbow is a significant detriment to someone’s happiness and longevity. Whether playing sports, typing, texting or playing an instrument, tennis elbow is never an ideal circumstance. Thankfully, a massage for tennis elbow is a great way to alleviate some pain.


Despite popular belief, tennis elbow isn’t solely caused by tennis. The reason it’s called tennis elbow is because of where the pain area is. The outside of the elbow is easily visible when holding a tennis racket, hence the name. Regardless, below will highlight a few key points and how you can help yourself if you’re experiencing tennis elbow.


What is Tennis Elbow?

tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is defined as a disturbance of the tissue connecting the lower arm muscle to the elbow. It’s typically caused by a redundant wrist and arm movement, with pain being the main symptom. It generally happens outside the elbow and sometimes in the lower arm and wrist.


Treatment incorporates rest, pain killers, and physical therapy, including massages. Thankfully, there are plenty of at-home massages you can try to alleviate pain. Though it’s best to see a specialist to get the most out of the massages, below will discuss a few simple tips for you to start.


Massage for Tennis Elbow Examples

The massages below are intended to alleviate torment from tennis elbow without pain meds or a tennis elbow support. It’s an easy way to help your symptoms without having to invest money or go through an extensive process. Though it’s ideal to meet with a massage specialist, consider trying these massages out first.


Hold Massage

This massage can help from the side effects of tennis elbow without pain meds when done accurately. Be careful while doing the exercise because of its intensity. Be delicate and stop if you’re experiencing any pain.


  • Begin with your impacted arm held before your body.
  • Place the fingertips of your other hand around your lower arm, under the elbow.
  • At that point, turn the skin of your elbow outwards with your fingers—stand firm on this position for five to ten seconds.
  • Move your fingers down a couple of inches and repeat. Go on until you arrive at your wrist.
  • Whenever you get to the wrist, move back up the arm. Utilize a similar method but turn the skin inward this time.


Stretch Massage

The aggravation from tennis elbow is brought on by enlarged joints pushing against hard points in the arm. This massage helps eliminate a portion of the aggravation that adds to your overall pain.


  • Snatch your lower arm muscles under your elbow with your impacted arm held before you.
  • Crush your arm muscles immovably. Keep your hold all through the activity.
  • Make a clench hand. At that point, twist it down like you are attempting to contact your knuckles to your wrist. Hold for a long time.
  • Release and repeat three or more times, depending on your comfort level.


Friction Massage

This massage relaxes the arm muscles and sets them up for a more profound experience. The entire massage should only take you a minute to awaken the tight muscles.


  • Hold your impacted arm before your body.
  • Utilizing the opposite hand, get the upper piece of the impacted arm.
  • At that point, with your fingertips, tenderly focus on the skin around your elbow with a round movement.
  • Proceed with the movement along the lower arm, from the elbow to the shoulder.
  • Work your direction back towards the wrist when you arrive at the shoulder.


Where is the Pressure Point for Tennis Elbow?

Generally speaking, a pressure point centers around helping your elbow and forearm. On the off chance that you’re encountering pain in these areas, focus the pressure point in the Intestine Meridian (found in the crevice of the elbow crease).


Applying pressure to this point can assist with moving blood through the joint, helping tennis elbow pain. This point is also helpful for clearing heat and chilling you off after working out. All in all, it’s a decent one to utilize after a game or when you finish work.


How Often Should You Do a Massage for Tennis Elbow?

Massage for Tennis Elbow

Your massage frequency heavily depends on your tolerance. Most people can handle a simple self-massage, visiting a massage specialist once weekly. Some people seek a massage specialist more, especially if it’s a severe injury.


On the other hand, some people may receive a massage much less. Various factors can influence your process. Regardless, a massage specialist can determine the appropriate plan for you. Self-massages and professional massage treatment are determined by your health, injury, timeline, and purpose.


Benefits of a Tennis Elbow Massage

The primary reason anyone would consider a massage for tennis elbow has to do with its benefits. In case you didn’t know, massages are incredibly beneficial. The proper massage can improve your strength flexibility, remove inflammatory properties, and relax you without stating the obvious. Let’s take a closer look at what this means.


Improves Flexibility – Massages benefit your flexibility by expanding tissue flexibility. The massage applies strain to muscles, extending and stretching them.


Improves Strength – Muscles that are not generally focused can develop and become stronger. At this point, the muscles are released to recuperate to perform at their full potential.


Removes Inflammatory Properties – A massage powers blood into your muscles, bringing nutrients and eliminating poisons. This cycle can briefly eliminate inflammation in regions throughout the body.


Relaxes You – Massages create a mindful and safe moment, encouraging you to unwind. This process delivers an unwinding reaction throughout the body with relief from discomfort. It’s a matter that everyone should experience more frequently if possible.


Want to Learn More About a Massage for Tennis Elbow?

We appreciate you taking the time to analyze our article discussing a massage for tennis elbow and what you can do. Remember to try some of these massages yourself. Nevertheless, if you have any questions or are looking for a massage specialist in Edmonton, reach out to us at Soul 2 Sole Studio.