Your posture is one of the most important factors of your physical wellbeing and emotional health. Without a healthy posture, your body can suffer in unimaginable ways. A range of health problems can be traced down to a common cause: bad posture. Your posture determines how happy you feel or how strong you are at any point in your life.

That said, there are multiple reasons that can affect your posture. Desk jobs, unsuitable mattresses, lack of physical exercise and disabilities are to name a few.

Most of these situations can be easily avoided by being regular with physical exercise and availing massage therapy on a regular basis. But before you set off on the journey to physical fitness, here’s what you need to know about types of body postures.

Healthy Posture

A good way to identify a healthy posture is to see whether the spine is aligned or not. The trick is to see if the ears are aligned above the shoulders, which should be in line with the hips and the ankles overall. Basically, these are a few standing points that should be in perfect alignment. If they are, it’s a perfectly healthy posture.

Body Postures


If you feel like the upper half of your back is bent forward in a curve, it’s a case of kyphosis. While your back has a natural curve, it becomes a problem when the curve exceeds 50 degrees. This basically becomes a hunch, which can make your posture slouched.

Kyphosis is a condition that doesn’t depend on age and can be seriously detrimental to health. Before it causes your bone to give in under pressure and suffer from chronic pain, get your posture fixed with the help of Thai massages that focus on the back. It’ll relieve stiffness and allow you to resume a healthy posture.

Flat Back

A perfectly aligned back bone should have slight curves at the top and middle, making the form like an ‘S’. Losing the curvature in the lower region is also bad for your health and a sign of flat back posture. It can unbalance the spine and cause you to lean forward.


This can make the condition dysfunctional if you start

facing difficulty standing up or experiencing leg pain due to it. Our deep tissue massage can navigate through the problem and help resolve deep muscle issues that might be causing it.

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