It is natural to ask where is the best place in the world to get a massage.  After all, there is a surreal connection between travel and massage culture. Every culture is unique and some vary significantly with their massage practices and traditions. Although there are some similarities between any massage type, there are many critical differences between massage styles all over the world. 

 Below we highlight the seven best countries for getting a great massage. We’ll discuss the specific massage types found around the world and why it makes our list, as well as some other essential information. Afterward, we’ll conclude by discussing some general questions related to massages. Let’s take a look!

Best country for Thai Massage


1. Thai Mountain Massage

A Thai massage works the whole body utilizing movements that are similar to yoga. Your therapist will employ their palms and fingers to apply firm strain to your body. You’ll be extended and contorted into different positions, making it a versatile massage at eliminating pain. 


Most people wear free and open attire during the massage. In Thailand, most traditional massages last around two hours, with more petite massages like a foot massage lasting around 40 to 50 minutes. The price is highly affordable and will leave a lasting memory for all those interested in the massage.


Although it’s not entirely known why it’s called a Thai Mountain Massage, one can assume it’s due to the massage experience. The massage experience is mainly dependent on the setting a person is in. A mountain typically encompasses breathtaking views and relaxation, making the entire process much more enjoyable. Hence why many Thailand spas are located in the mountains for a luxurious stay of comfort and rest.


2. Hawaiian Tropical Massage

tropical Hawaiian massage

Also known as Lomi Lomi, the Hawaiian tropical massage is a conventional Hawaiian back massage. It utilizes a mix of back massage strategies, nut (macadamia) oils, and some prayer, breathing, and dance elements to reestablish energy and mitigate body aches. It’s also referred to as the ‘loving hands’ massage too.


Due to the overall flow of the massage, you should wear very little to no clothing. Lomi massage therapists will have their customers wear a towel over their remote regions during the back rub. Aside from that, expect a very soothing, relaxing, and euphoric massage that’ll take any worry out of your system.


Lomilomi is a word in the Hawaiian and Samoan languages and means “to rub or soothe.”  Humming may also arise from the therapist at specific points during the massage to promote the release of blockages from the body and to release the flow of energy.


3. Scandinavian Spas

Scandinavian spa massage

Scandinavian spas offer a style of hydrotherapy that has been well-known in Scandinavia for ages. Taking your body from amazingly hot to incredibly chilly temperatures can reinforce your immune system, clean your body, and assist with mitigating different aches and pains.


Although there isn’t a specific timeframe, most people can spend an average of two to four hours in the spa. Most spa locations also accompany the spa experience with a traditional Scandinavian massage. The entire experience is worthwhile and features some of the world’s most breathtaking views.


The Nordic Region consists of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, all of which feature spas. However, the spas attract a lot of tourism, making them extremely costly compared to most other massage types. Still, if the trip can be planned around the spa experience, many will find it worth the price.


4. Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage features delicate, long, massaging strokes and light, cadenced, tapping strokes on the highest layers of muscles. It’s likewise joined with the development of the joints, promoting good blood flow and movement. By calming muscle strains, Swedish massages can be both unwinding and invigorating.


Most people seek a Swedish massage to rid a deep physical pain affecting them for a while. The entire process massages your back, neck, legs, arms, hands, and feet. It gives a full-body massaging experience that many will find highly beneficial in the beautiful country of Sweden. Spas are very popular in Sweden the northic traditional lives on with many spagoer basking openly.

Many spas offer Swedish massage and you can expect many massage techniques such as kneading and deep circular movements that is meant to relax you and increase blood flow and lymph drainage. Swedish massage is typically more gentle then a deep tissue masssage and is well suited for those looking for relaxation and stress relief. 


5. Turkish Baths

massage at turkish baths

A Turkish bath typically includes 45 minutes of washing and customary body cleaning with handwoven wash fabric known as a kese. A kese is a Turkish exfoliating mitt used to remove dead skin and further the exfoliating process. 


The specialists generally furnish guests with a peshtemal, a thin cotton towel to wrap themselves, and a customary towel to use after washing. The water itself is hot, with humidity levels at 100 percent. The baths fluctuate between 25 to 50 °C (75 to 122 °F), rising upwards from the floor.


The entire process and bathhouses themselves resemble Roman baths. Both feature hot baths and an elaborate interior to go along with them. In ancient Rome, Romans had immaculate bathing complexes for relaxing, socializing, and washing. Nowadays, Turkish baths feature a marble interior and domed ceilings. It’s a truly breathtaking experience.


6. Indonesian Island Massage

Indonesian island massage

An Indonesian island massage is typically a medium strain massage utilizing coconut oil prepared with tropical blossoms to give the oil a light aroma. In some cases, a lighter oil is subbed depending on the therapist and customer preference. The oil is worked into the body through long erotic strokes that spread over the muscles to ease any strain.


Unlike many other massages, the Indonesian island massage typically requires you to wear nothing but your underwear. The oil and massage help reduce stress, stimulate blood flow, and relieve aches and pain.


Many cite how affordable Indonesian Island Massages are, with the average massage in Ubud Bali only being $4.95 for 45 minutes. Even a 60-minute aromatherapy massage or 60-minute reflexology session will only cost $8.49 due to low cost of living. 


7. Japanese Shiatsu

japanese shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a type of remedial bodywork from Japan and is a traditional Japanese massage that works with the body’s Qi (natural energy flow). Shiatsu utilizes massaging, squeezing, relieving, tapping, and extending procedures throughout the session.  Done without oil through natural lighting and wearing comfortable clothing. The entire process is extremely relaxing and is proven to be effective at

  • stimulating blood flow
  • relieving tension
  • promoting energy
  • eliminating stiffness
  • headache treatment
  • chronic pain in lower back

It’s a combination of pressure and stretching that any person will see many benefits from.


Shiatsu was created by Tokujiro Namikoshi during the 1940s. It was heavily inspired by ancient Japanese massage techniques that were done in temples. Nowadays, it’s done on a mat similar to a chiropractor session.


Unlike most other massage types, Japanese Shiatsu can make clients very sore for the next few days. The soreness is a sign that the body is detoxifying, meaning the session worked. Seek at least three Japanese Shiatsu sessions to get the most out of the experience.



Estimates show there are well over 80 different massages in the world and we have highlighted seven amazing ones from around the world.  Next time you are visiting one of the countries on our top massage list, give yourself a treat and go for a massage or spa to immerse yourself in the cultural experience. If you are looking for a Thai Massage in Edmonton, don’t forget to try Soul 2 Sole and book your relaxation session today.