If you’re looking to relax over the weekend and feel that a massage is exactly what you need to let go of the stress from a hectic week, then you can choose from a wide range of massages. Each massage technique, whether it’s a deep tissue massage, shiatsu or a Swedish massage, has unique forms and a rich history that speaks of its effectiveness for various needs. None of these have a history as rich as that of the Thai massage, which is nearly 5000 years old.

Finding its origins in ancient Indian medicine, the Thai massage involves both the person receiving the massage and the one giving it, to help work out any muscular discomfort. Compared to most other western techniques, which have the client lie down, it’s considered to be an active massage technique that can prove to be a therapeutic experience.

How is the Thai Massage Different?

Western massage techniques, although these are no less relaxing, require clients to just lie passively on a surface while the therapist works through the muscles applying pressure as needed.  Various massage techniques, like the Swedish massage, are rather passive compared to the Thai Massage. These involve putting pressure and some very light stretching. The Thai Massage is relatively more intense.

The uniqueness of a Thai massage comes from the way in which it incorporates yogic exercise and stretching into the massage process. Where for most massage techniques, you might not have to move around, the Thai massage will have you twist into various positions and stretch your limbs to eliminate muscle aches and pains.

This massage technique is particularly effective in relieving muscle stress and has been shown to be particularly useful for back pains, muscle spasticity and migraines.

Thai Massage: A Specialty of the East

Most Eastern massage techniques, particularly the Shiatsu or even the Thai massage, incorporate spiritual aspects into massage therapy. There is a rhythm in the way that your masseuse will apply pressure to the various parts of the body to realign bodily energies that are believed to cause muscular discomfort.

Throughout the process, you’ll find that your massage therapist will direct pressure on your muscles towards the heart. Through this motion and when combined with the stretching and yoga-like poses, the Thai massage can be a deeply relaxing and an effectively therapeutic experience.

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