Have you ever been down with a horrible migraine or just a heavy head with stress or fatigue? Our upper chambers is the engine that runs the entire body. From lifting a glass off the table to performing intensive intellectual tasks, the head is involved in every aspect of your living. Therefore, it deserves to be rested and relaxed as well.

The health benefits of a head massage are plenty, and there’s no denying that the experience is worth your time and money. From boosting your mood to relaxing your nerves, it’s capable of doing wonders to your body.

The release of serotonin that occurs when you receive a good scalp massage does more than just make you happy and healthy!

Here’s how our head massages work and why you should give it a shot.

The Map of the Head

Frontal Lobe

Known as the conductor of the brain, the Frontal Lobe is responsible for conducting executive functions of the brain. These include planning, judgment, foresight, attention, motivation, and problem solving, so you can imagine the exertion we put it through every day.

This part of the brain is not only performing a load of functions but is also a sole bearer of flight or fight responses. This puts the brain through immense stress as these choices are not easy ones to make, and determine your mood.

In order to maintain the mental flexibility to better cope with unexpected circumstances and thoughts, your head needs to relax. This is why massage therapists aim at kneading and pressuring this part to circulate fresh blood and ease out stress from the scalp.

Benefits of Massage

Temporal Lobes

A slow and steady massage in this region can be really nurturing. With some stimulation, you can bring out tremendous short and long-run advantages. The temporal lobes are the powerhouse for managing confidence, emotional associations, social cognition, and empathy. These lobes also house the functions of coordination, imagination, organization and sequencing.

If you’ve ever planned or organized an event, you’d know what a headache it is to coordinate and organize everything. This is precisely why these lobes need to be massaged to induce comfort.

Parietal Lobes

If you’re wondering where all the sensory associations come from, it’s all in the parietal lobes. Ever been stuck in a moment that makes you feel both ecstatic and depressed? That’s because of the functioning of the parietal lobes.

It’s important to massage this area because this is precisely where all tactile information is also stored. The memory of touch and sound is also what these loves retain.

Massaging the head is not just contact with the skull; it touches upon the deeper emotional layers and accesses parts of the body that are otherwise inaccessible.

Our expert massage therapists have been known for working their hands and fingers on scalps in the most magical ways. Get in touch if you’re interested in getting a head massage from us in Edmonton.  We also offer deep tissue therapy and sports massage.