Discover the incredible benefits of Carpal Tunnel Massage, a highly effective treatment for relieving pain and restoring function. Learn how this targeted therapy can alleviate symptoms, promote circulation, and enhance overall wrist health.

Carpal tunnel is numbness and shivering in the hand and arm caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. Over 8 million people are impacted by carpal tunnel every year, with procedures for carpal passage being the second most common musculoskeletal surgery. As a result, many people look to a carpal tunnel massage as a preventive and restorative method.


Despite the fact that kneading treatments fail to rectify CTS outright, they nevertheless assuage discomfort and bolster one’s holistic vitality. Moreover, the soothing effects of massages may be amalgamated with supplementary remedial tactics, such as rehabilitative maneuvers or donning wrist girdles, engendering a multifaceted strategy in tackling the trials of carpal tunnel affliction.

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How to Massage Carpal Tunnel

Understanding a carpal tunnel massage has to do with patience. Though most massages tend to be forceful and deep, carpal tunnel is much more straightforward than that. Massage therapists typically do the massage with their thumbs and index fingers. 


The massage is done through profound, circular motions on the wrist and lower arm. Outside of that essential massage, experts show patients basic stretches and preventative tips. These stretches and tips are great, even if you don’t have carpal tunnel, to prevent it in the future.


Effleurage: Light roundabout strokes made with the center of the hand to increment blood flow to a specific region to warm it up and get ready for a more deep massage.

Friction: Firm tension applied to the lower part of the wrist, coasting up the arm toward the elbow to separate scar tissue and decline enlarging.

Petrissage: Deep pressure used to increment blood flow and further develop adaptability of tight muscles.

Shaking: Shaking the arms can relax sensory receptors by aiding muscles to release and unwind.



How to Massage Hand After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Most experts recommend waiting a while after surgery until your hands feel like themselves. Once they do, massage the area by utilizing an un-perfumed cream and focus on a roundabout movement over the scar. 


The massage of the scar tissue diminishes the scarring, not the cream. You can utilize your hand reasonably quickly after surgery, but you should keep it clean and dry until the injury has recuperated.



How to Massage for Carpal Tunnel (Preventive Care)

As great as knowing an excellent carpal tunnel massage, none of that matters if you don’t know some essential preventative care tips. Below will highlight some tips and exercises to consider. These points won’t guarantee you won’t get carpal tunnel, but it’ll lower your odds.


Preventative Tips

  • Try not to use your wrists for over 30 minutes at once.
  • Move your whole body as frequently as you can at work.
  • Abstain from slumping as it strains the neck and shoulders, influencing your wrists and hands.
  • Stretch your pectoral muscles a few times each day, holding the positions for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Do shoulder shrugs by carrying your shoulders to your ears and back down in roundabout movements.
  • Massage your arms, wrists, hands, and fingers to work on your course.


Preventative Exercises

  1. Stretch your fingers as far apart as you can. Then relax, and stretch them again.
  2. Stretch your thumb by pulling it back as far as possible, holding and then releasing it.
  3. Extend your arm in front of you, palm up. Bend your wrist with your other hand until you feel a moderate stretch in your forearm. Hold 15 to 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 above, but begin with your extended palm down.


Carpal Tunnel Stretches

Extending the finger flexor muscles can assist with reducing muscle tightness of the flexor ligaments, including the carpal passage. The finger flexors can extend by utilizing your hand to twist your fingers in reverse, standing firm on this for 30 to 60 seconds, and rehashing a few times every day. You should feel a stretch in both the fingers and the lower arm.


Exercise One

  1. Begin with your fingers broadened upward, holding your fingers straight up.
  2. Bend the tips of your fingers down toward your palm
  3. Bend your fingers right down to shape a clenched hand.
  4. Straighten your fingers out evenly, so your hand shapes a 90-degree point.
  5. From the tabletop position, twist the tips of your fingers down toward your palm. Keep a 90-degree point in the fingers.


Exercise Two

  1. With the wrist in a neutral position, twist the fingers and thumb to frame a clenched hand.
  2. Expand the fingers and thumb straight up with the wrist in a non-neutral position, keeping your thumb by your fingers.
  3. With the fingers broadened, expand the wrist back.
  4. With the fingers and wrist reached out back, push the thumb ahead away from the fingers.
  5. Keep up with the past position and adjust the lower arm by turning your palm toward your face.
  6. Keep up with the past position and delicately stretch the thumb back with the other hand.


Does a Massage Help Carpal Tunnel?

Massage therapy is the most harmless, cost-productive, and powerful long-haul treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Massages tend to the aggravation, agony, and deadness by relaxing and extending the neck, shoulder, upper arm, elbow, lower arm, wrist, and hand muscles.

Carpal Tunnel Massage Tool

Despite hand massagers’ restricted use on the wrist, many find them beneficial for lessening carpal tunnel-related side effects such as irritation, weakness, numbness, and shivering. Any essential massage tool should suffice, specifically ones meant for the hand.


Massage Therapy For Carpal Tunnel to Consider

As great as turning to these points and general tips for carpal tunnel, none of that matters if you don’t have a reliable massage therapist. A massage therapist can guide and help you along the process, highlighting what you should do to aid your ailment without worsening it.


Carpal Tunnel Massage – Conclusion

We appreciate you checking out our article and the necessity of a carpal tunnel massage. Though it’s impossible to predict your body’s future, plenty of tools help prevent and aid when these issues arise. Nevertheless, visit us at Soul 2 Sole Studio in Edmonton if you’re looking for a reputable massage studio that can help with carpal tunnel and much more!