Whether a sauna or a steam room both help the body and mind, leading to a higher quality of life. Find out the amazing benefits of steam.

Our steam room Edmonton guide will highlight what a sauna is and the benefits of one. The benefits will discuss circulation, blood pressure, stress relief, glowy skin, muscle pain, and more. By the end, you’ll know what to expect with a sauna and why it’s a beneficial experience for you to consider.


Sauna or Steam?

Think of a sauna as the equivalent of sitting in an oven. Saunas utilize dry heat and are heated between 180°F and 195°F with low humidity. The most common sauna type is a wood-burning sauna, which utilizes fire and low humidity for its heat. There are also electric saunas that produce heat through electricity and are what people use within living spaces.

Another sauna example is a Herbal Thai steam room. A Thai steam room utilizes steam from a traditional sauna but uses herbs to benefit the body further. Infusing the herbs with steam develops a favourable and relaxing effect, helping the respiratory tract and body.


What are the Benefits of Steam and Sauna?

The impacts of heat are similar, whether it’s dry or wet. It implies you’ll, in any case, get similar benefits whether you utilize a sauna or steam room. As a result, below will discuss the key benefits of steam, highlighting what you can expect health-wise from using a steam room or sauna.

Better Immune System

With the flu season approaching, our immune system is critical in fighting viruses, colds, and illnesses. Although a sauna doesn’t directly affect immunity, its stress reduction benefits our immune system’s functionality. Furthermore, a sauna decreases inflammatory markers, which may mess with our immunity if inflamed.

Some studies show that a sauna reduces the incidence of the common cold. Hence, it can improve our immunity and tissues to fight off a virus we’re exposed to. Whatever benefits our immunity is critical to our longevity; a sauna falls under that category.


Better Mood

Some studies demonstrate that a sauna session can lift our moods and relax the body. People who regularly use a sauna have a decreased risk of psychosis, lowering the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Life is fragile, and doing what we can to better our minds is an area more people need to highlight.

It’s muddled to assume those advantages are connected with sauna use or attached to a sound way of life that includes socialization and unwinding. One way or the other, there appear to be positive mind and psychological wellness advantages to visiting a sauna. Beginning the process after a stressful can get your mind right and change the day’s outcome.


Improved Circulation

A sauna raises the body’s temperature, causing an increased heart rate. The increased rate will increase your circulation, benefitting the body. Increased circulation helps wounds heal, keeps your mind sharp and your heart sound, and gives your skin a characteristic flush.

Sitting in a sauna is similar to strolling on a treadmill at an average speed. As a result of the intensity, your heart needs to work harder for blood flow. It implies you’re getting some cardio help even though all you’re doing is sitting in the heat. Remember, it’s still no swap for working out, which has lots of other body benefits.


Lowered Blood Pressure

Investing energy in a sauna can bring down your blood pressure. However, you shouldn’t go into a sauna if you have uncontrolled blood pressure. If you don’t, a sauna will improve your body due to lowered blood pressure. It’ll lead to better heart rate management; let’s explain why.

Upon entering, your blood pressure would increase initially and stay elevated for a while. Eventually, your blood pressure will go down and become lowered over time. Think of it as working your heart and body out. Like exercise, your body might be sore (from exercising), but it’ll help your body in the long run.


Stress Relief

Most people have stress in their life, whether it’s an anxiety disorder or an internal or external factor. A sauna is a regular part of Scandinavian culture and is primarily how the culture destresses and relaxes. Using a sauna or steam room consistently will reduce your stress levels and become a good reset.


Glowy Skin

Skin health is vital and is an area people may neglect, which can profoundly affect them as they age. Utilizing a sauna can help your general skin well-being since it brings blood flow to the outer layer of your skin before you begin sweating. It strengthens the skin, firms it up, and makes it more flexible.


Reduced Muscle Pain

Utilizing a sauna is helpful for exercise recuperation since it relaxes any strained muscles after a workout. Muscle pain is common after a workout but doesn’t need to exist. Many believe they must fight the pain for a better workout, but that’s not true.

Comfort is critical for a person’s longevity; eliminating that pain will lead to a better life. The heat from a sauna will make the body elastic and loosen up stiff joints and aches. Furthermore, saunas help with headaches since they reduce muscle soreness connected to migraines.


Benefits of Steam – Conclusion

A sauna benefits most people, but not everyone knows where to go to experience the matter. We walk you through the process, giving tips on how long you should stay in the sauna and how often. By the end, you’ll know what to do throughout this process and be on your way to experiencing a higher quality of life.


Regardless, visit our Edmonton steam room at Soul 2 Sole Studio if you want the excellent benefits of steam and sauna. We offer many massage services and help our clients feel better throughout their body and headspace. Contact us today to learn more about the specifics of what we offer.