With each passing year, the popularity of Thai massage in Edmonton continues to increase. A lot of people have started to explore it and discovered that it is somewhat different from the traditional massages they are familiar with. If you are planning to get your very first Thai massage, here is what you should expect:

Thai massage

Unlike most other massages, a Thai massage is not performed using oil as it is not performed through skin-to-skin contact. Instead of stripping down, you will remain completely clothed during your massage. You will have to lay down on your back. There will be some rolling of knots and kneading of muscles similar to a Swedish massage. However, Thai massage involves yoga-like stretching, which is why it is commonly referred to as yoga for a lazy person. The massage therapist will set up the poses while you lie still. They will then pull and push different limbs for stretching and releasing muscles. The massage therapist will be pulling, pushing, kneading, and even walking on you at different points.

Since you will be wearing clothes during your massage, it is important to consider what to wear for the treatment. You should go for loose and comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your movements. Flexible garments such as yoga attire will work really well for the massage.


From relieving muscular tension to lowering stress, there is a multitude of health benefits of Thai Massage. Here are the five health benefits you can experience through this:

Reduced stress

Stress can be the positive motivator you need to perform better in your professional and personal life. However, having too much stress can negatively affect your physical and mental health and lead to cardiovascular disease and depression. During the Thai massage, the therapist will be manipulating and moving your body in a way to relieve physical as well as emotional tension. It involves using stretching techniques and gentle pressure to relax the body.

Boosts energy

Studies have shown that you can increase your physical energy levels through Thai massage. Its technique is based on Sen or energy lines. Practitioners believe that there are several channels of energy or Sen within the body corresponding to different body parts like bone, nerves, blood, and muscles. Some Sen, known as the subtle channels, can even affect the consciousness and mind. There is a theory that when you have tight muscles, it can block the Sen reducing the flow of energy and resulting in illness, pain, and stiffness. The different techniques used during your massage will either constrict or open different Sen for correcting the flow of energy.

Improves range of motion

The stretching techniques incorporated in Thai massage are used for improving circulation and reducing stress. The gentle and gradual stretching enhances your flexibility over time and allows a better range of motion. Also, since Thai massage improves the fluid circulation in the joints, it reduces the friction between the joints improving the range of motion and joint mobility.

Stimulates circulation

The gentle stretches involved in Thai massage promote the circulation of blood as well as lymph. The yoga-like stretches fill the body tissues with oxygen that increases blood circulation and promotes heart health and cell growth.

When you are being treated with a Thai massage from a trained and competent massage therapist at Soul2Sole, your internal systems will be attuned and work well together. Through our wide range of services, you will know how your body is supposed to work without the intervention of the stress of daily life.