Our Top Thai Massage Myths Busted

Life throws many stressors our way. The stress of keeping up with the demands of our jobs, managing a home, and many others can take a toll on our physical and mental health. Getting massages regularly is one way to relax and reduce stress levels.  The internet is full of myths and misinformation so with this article on Thai Massage Myths Busted we hope to clarify fact from fiction. 

Many types of massages can help relieve stress and improve blood circulation. Thai massage is one such type of massage that is growing in popularity. It can do wonders to alleviate pain and offers numerous health benefits. This oil-less massage has become popular in many massage parlors, and people opt for it as a way to relieve themselves. Its growing popularity, though, has also made it susceptible to a growing number of myths.

Below are some of the most common myths about Thai massages to be wary of.

Myth #1: Only flexible people can get a Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage Practice

It’s true that the Thai massage involves a lot of stretching, but you don’t have to level the level of flexibility of a Yogi to get one. In fact, a well-trained massage therapist will evaluate your level of flexibility before starting the session. Thai massages typically work your muscles and put pressure on the body’s acupressure points. You will only be worked to a level that you’re comfortable with. A good therapist will be mindful of this.

So, you don’t have to freak out if you think you don’t have great flexibility. A Thai massage can still help you.

Myth #2: You can only get authentic Thai massages in Thailand

What to expect from a good Thai Massage. Authentic Thai Massage can be found all over the world.

Despite the associations with the name, authentic Thai massages aren’t only available in Thailand. There are many reasons why the environment in Thailand may prove to be a great place for a Thai massage. However, this does not mean that it’s the only place you can get one. Thai massages involve a level of subtlety that can be mastered by trained massage therapists anywhere in the world. The popularity of this type of massage also makes it all the more likely that you will find a reputed professional near you.

Just make sure you choose a reputed center to get the massage done. Check out reviews and ratings by previous customers before you make a decision about where to get your Thai massage done. Make sure you find out how much experience your massage therapist has before deciding to go ahead with the Thai massage session.

Myth #3 You will experience pain

Walking on Hot Stone
I good massage will not be an overall painful experience causing great discomfort.

If you’ve ever felt your massage therapist hit you on a muscle knot, you’ll know the level of discomfort involved. The case is similar when you get a Thai massage done. Stretching during the session may feel a little uncomfortable because your muscle knots are probably getting ironed out. You can let your massage therapist know if things get too uncomfortable. If you choose a reputed massage therapist, though, you won’t have to worry about this.

Any discomfort you feel during the session will most likely be from knotted muscles being loosened up. As the session progresses, you will start to feel better because of the benefits your stretched muscles get from the Thai massage. 

Myth #4 Thai massages are erotic massages

Traditional Thai Massage Myths Blog
Young women getting a traditional Thai Massage in Edmonton

This is another popular myth about Thai massages, probably made famous by popular culture and media. Thai massages are extremely healing and have therapeutic implications.

If they’re myths, why should you be aware of them at all? The truth is, while these may be myths, they spread quickly. You’re likely to hear at least one of these myths when you look to get a Thai massage done. Awareness of the myths will help you tackle the misinformation and make more informed decisions.  

Don’t fall for these myths the next time you consider getting a Thai massage. Make sure to go to a reputable massage studio and do your research online about the best places to get a Thai massage. 

We hope that we have these Thai Massage Myths Busted once and for all.  If you enjoyed this article you might also find the following interesting articles about more massage myths.

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