Thai culture has to be one of the most exotic that you will find compared to all cultures in the East. When you contrast the country with others in the region, Thailand has preserved much of its cultural richness considering that it’s still less commercial than all others. It’s important to think of Thailand as a country moving towards urbanization, because it brings out how the people manage to sustain many of their cultural practices and still practice them throughout the country.

Thai are still deeply attached to their Buddhist values. A religion that is deeply introspective and propagates letting go of worldly pleasure, as well as maintaining a calm outlook on life, Buddhism has permeated the cultural practices of the country. This deep involvement goes so far as to be seen even in the cuisine of the country, which often incorporates a fusion of tastes that you won’t find elsewhere.

With a careful balance of flavors and a richness that you wouldn’t find in many other indigenous dishes, Thai food has a way of making you feel warm on the inside. If you’re looking for comfort food, then there are very few options that will be as wholesome as Thai food. Some foods you should try out include:

Tom Yum Goong

Thai Cuisine

This is a soup, often served as a starter or complement to the main course. Made with lemon grass, chilies, prawns and mushrooms; it’s a rather spicy blend of flavors which will keep you warm for hours. The flavors in the food will leave you flushed from warmth that will radiate throughout your body.

Som Tum

Thai Cuisine

Som Tum is a salad that is said to have cleansing properties because of the ingredients. Made with papaya, garlic, chilies, cherry tomatoes and green beans; it’s a combination of sweet and sour flavors which are a treat for the taste buds and can be enjoyed if you’re trying to detox.

Tom Kha Kai

Thai Cuisine

You’ll find coconut as an ingredient in many Thai dishes. When coconut milk is added to food and especially to soups or curries; it delivers richness and a delightful lingering aftertaste. Tom Kha Kai is basically chicken in coconut soup and one of the less spicy Thai food options. With low fat contents and brilliant nutrition values, it does wonders for your health.

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