It might be the muscle stiffness post-workout or some tension from having to sit more than you’d like the whole day.

Whatever the reason may be, your body needs some relaxation. But which massage should you go for?

Sole2Sole Studio offers some details on the matter!

Choosing Between a Sports Massage and a Deep Tissue Massage


Benefits of a Sports Massage

sports massage with stretching

Sport massage techniques typically focus on treating minor and chronic body injuries. However, the massage can also be used to realign and loosen up any tightened muscle fibres. Releasing muscle tension—especially if you’re an active sports athlete—is essential, since looser muscles around the joints will increase your range of motion.

Nevertheless, understand that sports massage is meant for joint relaxation and soft tissue manipulation, not just overall relaxation. So, you will feel a little uncomfortable during the treatment, but only when the therapist is working on the problem areas.

woman getting a massage

Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

Unlike sports massages, deep tissue massage uses acute pressure to treat the deeper muscle tissue in the body.

The pressure is gentle in the beginning but increases mid-way through. Deep tissue treatments are meant to reduce stiffness and tension so the blood can flow to different muscles and oxygenate them. This, in turn, speeds up recovery and loosens any muscle knots. Therapists use deep tissue techniques to loosen up muscle tissue in specific areas such as the upper back and your shoulder blades since it boosts circulation.

The treatment requires increased pressure. So, if you can bear the discomfort during your massage, you’ll benefit from the treatment once the soreness goes away, typically after 72 hours.

Choosing the Best Option

Your massage therapist decides your choice of massage according to your body’s needs. After a general assessment, they use the best techniques to ensure that your muscles show visible improvement at the end of the treatment.

So, if you want to know which massage you should get, book an appointment at Sole2Sole Studio in Edmonton. Aside from craniosacral therapy services, we also provide an herbal steam room so our clients can sit back and relax, and let the steam work its magic on their body stiffness and pain.

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