6 Ways Massage Impacts the Immune System 


The importance of immunity has been highlighted like never before today, thanks to the COVID- pandemic. People with a stronger immunity seldom suffer from the severe symptoms of the deadly disease. The immune system is part of the human body’s natural defense against microbes and diseases. If your immune system is robust, you will be able to take on any illness without any problems. The question is how to strengthen the immune system?


There are different ways of doing this. For example, doing exercise, eating nutritious food, getting proper sleep, and taking immune-boosting supplements. Another way to strengthen the immune system is to get a massage. 


A body massage can help you in two ways. It can help you get relief from body pain, while also making your immune system stronger. There are many ways in which a massage can help you improve immunity.




Why is the immune system so important?


The immune system plays an important role in protecting you against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that cause diseases. We come across disease-causing pathogens in different places. The moment these pathogens enter the body, the immune system attacks and destroys them. The white blood cells in the body play a key role here in getting rid of pathogens. Without the immune system, we would be at a high risk of getting infected by diseases.


The natural immunity that we have may be reduced due to various reasons. It could be due to lifestyle issues like lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, not having a nutritious diet, overeating junk food, and being under stress. Certain diseases as well as treatment for diseases, can lower immunity. When the immune system is weak, we are at a higher risk of falling ill. Immediate measures are needed to boost immunity.


The importance of massage as a therapy


Massages have been used for centuries to provide relief from bodily pain and to make the body more flexible. There are different types of massages to target different body parts. Problems like neck stiffness, body ache, and back pain can be effectively treated using massage therapy. 


Massage therapy uses different oils to ensure health benefits. There are different types of massage like Swedish massage, Hot stone massage, Ayurveda massage, Deep tissue massage, Aromatherapy massage, etc. Each of them has specific health benefits.


6 ways in which massage impacts immunity


If you are tired and feeling stressed, then getting a massage would make you feel relaxed. It is also done as a part of physiotherapy to treat various conditions that cause pains and aches. Massage has a direct and positive impact on immunity. There is sufficient evidence to show that getting a massage done regularly can help strengthen your immune system.


The following are six ways in which massage boosts immunity.


Improves Circulation



1) It helps to improve circulation


 Immunity depends on the proper working of all bodily systems. The circulatory system also plays an important role in good health. Additionally, apart from the circulation of blood, lymph fluid circulation is crucial for immunity. The lymph fluid takes toxins and pathogens to the lymph nodes. Here they are destroyed and thrown out of the body. 


If the lymphatic system is not working well, it can reduce immunity. Massage can help stimulate the lymphatic system. It can clear any blocks in the lymph nodes and allow lymph to flow normally. The proper functioning of the lymphatic system helps improve immunity.




2) Massage helps in reducing stress


In today’s hectic and competitive world, stress is a killer. People are under stress at home, work, and even while commuting. Stress makes the body release hormones like cortisol that affect immunity. Also, stress has a direct and negative impact on immunity. Being under stress makes a person more susceptible to illness. Massage is a great way to relieve stress. It relaxes both the mind and body. It can help reduce cortisol, thus helping in improving immunity.


3) Massage reduces pain


Pain in your body can come from various reasons. It could be a side effect of a disease or could be due to physical strain. Some people feel that exercising hard will keep them healthy. Too much exercise can strain your muscles and cause aches and pains. Pain can negatively affect immunity. Studies have shown that your immunity is low when you are in pain. The reduced immunity can make you susceptible to illnesses. Massage helps to relieve pain and thus has an impact on immunity.


4) It helps you sleep well


There is a strong relationship between sleep and immunity. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to allow your body to recharge itself. Additionally, sleep aids in boosting immunity. If you have sleep problems, your immunity can come down. Sleeplessness can occur due to various reasons, including stress and pain. Getting a massage done is a great way to solve this problem. Massages help you relax. They reduce stress and calm you down. This can help you sleep well and boost your immunity naturally.

Massage For Sleeping Well


5) It increases white blood cells


White blood cells have a pivotal role to play in the working of the immune system. Regular massage helps to improve the count of the white blood cells. This is very helpful during the flu season, where the white blood cells are called upon to fight viruses. The higher the count of your white blood cells, the better is your immunity against the flu and other such illnesses.


6) Massage helps to improve mental health and physical health


When you are physically and mentally in good health, the immune levels of the body are high. This makes you feel fit. Even if you get exposed to pathogens, the body’s immunity will help you be safe. If your physical and mental health is affected, your immunity lowers. Massage helps improve both physical and mental health. It helps reduce depression and also helps to elevate a person’s mood, which influences immunity positively.


So, with regular massages, you can strengthen your immunity and also avail yourself of some much-needed relaxation.


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