In massage therapy treatments, reflexology has continuously been making more waves, especially in recent years. This method is based on the theory that certain body parts are connected to different organs and body systems through what the Chinese call qi (pronounced “chee”), meaning “vital energy.” Stress usually blocks the flow of qi in the body, and reflexology treats it by activating specific points, much like acupuncture does but using pressure rather than needles. 

To further facilitate healing, reflexology is also used to restore the body’s balance from illness or stress. It helps the body work better as a whole system by promoting circulation and pain relief. Otherwise known as acupressure, this treatment can increase the body’s healing capabilities by applying pressure to the hands, feet, and ears. 

Those experiencing various conditions, such as pain and sleep disorders, can take advantage of massage services in Edmonton that offer acupressure with the following benefits: 

1. Relief From Aches and Pains

Perhaps the number one reason people get reflexology massages is to treat the chronic pain that they’re experiencing. The most common are headaches, backaches, neck pain, and migraines. The pressure placed in these specific areas relieves tension in the muscles that may be causing the pain. Stress headaches can be relieved with foot massages. 

2. Sleep and Relaxation

Reflexology can also reduce stress levels and promote calm and relaxation in the body and mind by opening neural pathways. This type of relaxation can induce sleep, and such massages are best done right before bedtime. Given these properties, acupressure is a great way to treat insomnia as well.

3. Improves Nerve Function

Nerve endings lose their sensitivity as people age, and reflexology is known to stimulate many essential nerve endings. To reactivate nerve endings in your legs and feet, opt for a foot massage. Better nerve function also promotes neural pathways between the brain and parts of the body, strengthening its connection. 

4. Promotes Better Circulation

The biggest benefit of acupressure is its ability to improve blood circulation and flow throughout the body. Working on the pressure points stimulates the body’s natural circulation systems, transporting blood and oxygen to different parts of the body more effectively. In turn, this improves the function of your cells and muscles, meaning better movement, breathing, and overall bodily function. Circulation is especially important for your vital organs. Because blood and nutrient-rich oxygen reach parts of your body more efficiently, reflexology can even help promote healing, regrowth, and metabolism. 

5. Gives You Healthier Legs and Feet

Your legs and feet work all day to bring you to different places, and the best way to ease any tiredness and pain is through a relaxing foot massage. Apart from pain, this type of massage can also prevent foot problems like toenail fungus and Achilles tendonitis. 

To keep your ankles strong and flexible, consider having a quick foot massage every day, and you can do it yourself with any oil or lotion of your choice to prevent inflammation. Likewise, Thai foot massages are ideal when you can visit a massage studio.


Some treatments connect the mind and body more than we realize, and massage is one of them. Reflexology takes an ancient technique and applies it to modern-day stressors to offer the utmost relief. By taking the time out of your day to prioritize your health and visit a massage studio in Edmonton, you’ll feel your tensions coming out of your mind and body to help you function and live better!

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