A truly marvellous thing to witness is how the body changes during pregnancy. It certainly takes a special kind of strength for a woman’s body to carry the life of a baby. However, there’s no denying that the body’s hard work can also lead to stress and fatigue. Sometimes women who are mother-to-be’s experience pain, swelling, and tiredness due to the pregnancy. 

Anyone who’s ever experienced a professional massage knows how beneficial it can be both for the body and the mind. Prenatal massages can give some much-needed relief for aches and pains caused by changes in weight and posture. 

Here are six great benefits of prenatal massage for both you and your baby.

What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

1. It reduces stress

Moms who are expecting are constantly thinking about the problems of daily life in addition to their pregnancy concerns. This leads to stress, which can cause some pain and tension in the body. 

According to some studies, massage therapy can ease stress symptoms for pregnant women, including tension in the muscles and an increase in their heart rate. 

2. It relieves pain that is usually felt during pregnancy

Expectant mothers often find that they have more headaches during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations. Muscles may also feel sore, while joints can be extra painful due to the weight of carrying the baby. 

A prenatal massage can ease the stiffness in the muscles and joints that cause the pain by keeping them well-lubricated and practicing some range of motion. The relaxation one experiences during a massage can contribute to a reduction in headache frequency.

Prenatal massage can also prevent another very common kind of pain during pregnancy: back pain. As your body changes during pregnancy, its center of gravity shifts, leading to more stress on the lower spine. A massage can help relieve the tension in the muscles around your spine. As these muscles relax, these are also less likely to press on any nerves which may be causing some discomfort.

3. It improves circulation

One of the biggest benefits of massage, prenatal or not, is improving the body’s circulation. Better circulation means that the body can supply more oxygen and nutrients to the different organs. More importantly, this means that these same nutrients will reach your baby more quickly and contribute to his or her growth and development in the womb. 

Better circulation also contributes to decreased stress. It does this by lowering the stress hormone cortisol levels and simultaneously increasing endorphins, which make you feel good.

4. It promotes better sleep quality

The physical aches and pains of pregnancy, combined with the mind of a worrying mother-to-be, is a recipe for difficulty falling and staying asleep. If you’ve ever had a massage before and felt sleepy due to its relaxing effects, it’s clear to see how this can benefit expectant mothers who have trouble sleeping. 

5. It reduces swelling

A common symptom mothers experience during pregnancy is bloating and swelling. Since massage improves circulation and relaxes the muscles, it can also reduce swelling in the body. 

6. It can make delivery easier

A study showed that women who had regular prenatal massages went through labour that was shorter by three to four hours on average. These mothers also reportedly asked for less pain medication than their counterparts who did not practice prenatal massages during their pregnancies. This is likely related to lower stress levels during labour and delivery.


Expectant mothers truly put in a lot of hard work into making a healthy little baby. One of the best ways to make pregnancy easier is to relax the body and mind and reduce the stresses it encounters. After all, motherhood should be as pleasant and beautiful an experience as possible!

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