pregnant woman

When you’re carrying a little one in your belly, your body will experience tension, pressure, and pain in areas you never knew existed. Not only will your stress manifest physically, these pains and discomfort will also take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride every pregnant woman talks about. 

To deal with this, many pregnant women try to find ways to help ease these physical and mental stressors, and one of the options that will always come up is massage therapy. However, some women are still iffy about getting massages when they’re expecting — so is it actually safe to do so?

The short answer is yes. When you get massage therapy while you’re pregnant, you get countless benefits, such as improved relaxation, better sleep, and a sense of wellness. But you should know that specific techniques and pressure points can trigger complications, contractions, and premature labour. 

For this reason, it’s best to get massage services from expert pregnancy therapists to avoid any issues during the treatment. Before you schedule that much-needed massage, you need to follow some guidelines to ensure you and your baby are safe. 

First Trimester of Pregnancy

According to the American Pregnancy Association, pregnant women can begin massage therapy at any point of their pregnancy. However, most massage therapists won’t administer massages to pregnant women until they’re in their second trimester of pregnancy. 

The reason behind this is that, during the first trimester, women are more at risk of miscarriage. This is a valid reason for therapists to deny treatment as it may increase blood flow, which could be harmful to you and your child. 

Second, there are pressure points in your body that initiate contractions or induce labour. For this reason, therapists may also require a doctor’s release before they begin treatment. 

Pregnant Women With Existing Medical Conditions

Since massage therapy encourages blood circulation in the system, it can alter your body’s blood flow, affecting any pre-existing health conditions. If you have one of the following issues below, it’s best to speak to your doctor before getting a prenatal massage:

  • High blood pressure;
  • High-risk pregnancy concerns like congenital heart disease or preeclampsia;
  • Recent injury, surgery, or organ transplant.

How to Look for a Massage Studio for Pregnant Women

When you’re pregnant, you can’t just walk into any massage studio to get the treatment you desire. There are a bunch of things you need to bear in mind to ensure your safety.

1. A Clean Studio

Ensure that the massage studio you are going to visit is clean from any dirt and grime. A dirty studio is a no-brainer breeding ground for bacteria that could pose health risks, especially to pregnant women.

2. Look for a Prenatal Massage Certification

When you’re browsing the studio’s menu, check if they offer prenatal massages. Besides that, it’s best to get additional information like the therapist’s name, if they have a license and if they’re qualified to administer prenatal massage services.

3. Uses the Right Equipment and Techniques

Pregnant women are prone to experience dizziness and increased high blood pressure when lying on their stomach for too long. Because of this, some massage studios would have women lie on their sides propped up by pillows or use a table with a cut out for where your belly can rest. 

Besides that, an experienced prenatal massage therapist will only use products, lotions, and oils that are safe to use on pregnant women. Some have analgesic and calming properties, which are considered unsafe for pregnant women. 

The Bottom Line: Only Get Prenatal Massage Services From Licensed Massage Studios

Carrying a baby is quite difficult since your body is being put under too much pressure and strain. An effective way to ease yourself from the discomfort associated with pregnancy is by getting massage services. However, you must only get massage treatment from reputable and licensed massage studios specializing in prenatal massage to keep you and your unborn baby safe. 

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