Does 2019 sometimes seem like a bad hangover that you just want to get over with? Raise your hand if you’re looking forward to 2020 with higher hopes and greater expectations.

But let’s step back from that metaphorical track for a while and talk about actual hangovers!

We all know that coffee and lemon aren’t always the most effective solutions for hangovers. So what do you do if you know you’re going to be wasted at a New Year’s party? You book a session for a hot stone massage with us the day after, of course!

Why, you ask? Because massages are work much better than those hangover ‘cures’ that you’ve been resorting to! These include:

Delaying the dreaded hour

If you have an important meeting the next day at work, your employer will not take no for an answer. You have to be present at the decided time with your mind and body present.

Some people argue that you can just delay hangovers by continuing to drink, the fact of the matter is that high levels of inebriation are not conducive to productivity. Moreover, the alcohol isn’t actually delaying the symptoms, it’s just causing numbness.

And let’s not forget that this isn’t a possibility at a workplace. Most bosses don’t appreciate a bottle of vodka on a work desk.

It’s much better to clock in late that day and get a quick massage treatment before work. You’ll be surprised at how fast it works.

Greasy Food

Massage is the best hangover recipe

You may be a big foodie who loves to load up on fried goodies and greasy foods such as fries and hash browns. But don’t believe the myth that says that your body heals from a hangover when you consume fatty foods.

An oily meal will do nothing (We repeat: NOTHING) for the throbbing headache and listless limps. You need an alternate solution for a hangover that’s that bad.

If you’re looking for something really effective, you need to think outside the box! Consider things you don’t usually do for a hangover . . . Like a massage.

Massages—The Perfect Solution!

First, stop blaming yourself for the hangover. It’s normal and natural.

Next, educate yourself about what hangovers are. When you’re intoxicated, your body is full of toxins that need to be released. While your liver is usually responsible for breaking them down, an overdose of alcohol can defeat the organ.

A massage helps by improving your lymphatic system. This will extract all the poison from your blood and make it clean again. This is the fastest and the most effective way of managing your blood-alcohol levels.

Moreover, massages are the best way to heal from the excruciating headaches you get during hangovers. Lastly, nothing helps you recover from a hangover better than rest and sleep. So utilize the massage sessions at our place and doze off during the relaxing treatments.

If you’re looking for massage places in Edmonton, come to us. We specialize in deep tissue massage, hot stone massage as well as prenatal massage. Book an appointment before your next hangover.