Life in big cities is excessively stressful, often leaving one with a headache just for dealing with their daily stressors. Edmonton, in Canada, is no exception to this. 

With rising stresses due to things like the pandemic of COVID-19 and other overwhelming issues in the city, massage services in Edmonton will be of great help. You may have an idea of a massage treatment utilizing only hands and body parts to apply pressure, but you may be pleasantly surprised with the other varieties of massage services that can help ease your body.

You may have seen celebrities or professional athletes appear on television or in the media with reddish, circular marks on their torsos. These perfectly round circles are symmetrically placed—and no, they aren’t some new aesthetic trend! These marks are the result of a massage treatment known as Myofascial Cupping Therapy, which has numerous benefits for the person undergoing it.

A Brief History On Cupping

Cupping is an ancient technique that has been discovered to have been practiced by multiple cultures. Ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and Hindus have all practiced these, but with different tools and techniques. The effects and benefits, however, have remained the same. This continued for years but died out once modern medicine was improved through the use of chemical drugs and other technologies. 

Nowadays, it is still practiced, but more as a massage technique and for supplementing modern medicinal treatments. It is important to note that there are still cultures that subscribe to this method and still continue to use it in certain areas of the world. 

What Is Cupping And How Is It Done?

Cupping involves jars or glass ornaments that are attached to bare skin, which thus creates a suction effect. This is done by introducing a heat source that sucks the skin into the cupping ornament. Bamboo, clay, and glass are traditional cupping ornaments that were used often, but have since evolved into better glass ones and even mechanical ones for ease of use. 

This is done on bare skin and has positions that are followed for the best results. Initially, a cotton ball is soaked into methylated spirits and is squeezed to remove the excess liquids. This ball is then ignited and quickly placed into the cup and removed. The heat inside the ornament creates the suction effect that sticks to the skin. The cup is immediately placed on the intended area of treatment to avoid the vacuum effect from disappearing.

What Does Cupping Treat?

The body is filled with natural healing processes, and cupping enhances the way it performs these. It does this by using the suction from the cups to draw the skin up, which helps in mobilizing blood and energy throughout the body.

People who experience musculoskeletal pains, migraines, injuries, asthma, harsh and chronic coughs, and even gastrointestinal disorders can benefit from cupping. However, cupping practitioners advise against the use of the therapy technique if one has open wounds, dermatological problems, inflamed body parts, or high fever, among other things.

Areas containing a lot of hair or have bone protrusions are usually avoided, as well as some areas in pregnant women’s bodies and parts of patients with bleeding disorders. Children and the elderly will have to be considered by the practitioner at hand, as these may not be suitable for all.


While cupping has had heated discussions on it, as well as divided opinions, the only danger it has is when it is constantly used as a treatment for medical issues. Remember that anything severe in nature must always be run through a doctor for a proper medical opinion, and cupping therapy is merely just supplemental for health. While it is not a magical cure-all, it definitely has benefits that can be great for a person’s overall well-being. 

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