Massage therapy is widely used to treat muscle inflexibility resulting from injuries or inflammation of the muscles. The application of pressure and force on the affected muscle groups can help improve blood flow and relieve the tension which forces your muscles to become inflexible.

As such, massage therapy forms an integral part of rehabilitation exercises to help shorten healing times so that people can get back to normal physical functioning faster.

There are three basic forms of massage therapy which can help improve muscle flexibility. These are:

  • Deep Tissue Massages
  • Sports Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deepest layers of tissues to help ease the tension and blood flow across them. Understandably, there is a greater amount of pressure placed on your tissues during this massage therapy and it’s usually directed at muscular discomfort that is difficult to get rid of.

When the pressure is applied to your back muscles and the shoulders, a deep tissue massage can ease the resistance of the muscles that causes movement difficulties. It is used to treat conditions like lower back pain, high blood pressure, treating muscular scar tissue and is also used in muscle rehab.

Sports Massage


Sports massage is a form of therapy that is specific to sports therapy. These are often used to help muscle and joints regenerate such that these can continue performing high strain activities required by of sports athletes.

Considering the physical requirements of high intensity sports, it’s essential that the treatment progresses in a way that allows for full recovery of mobility to continue performing at those levels. As such, a sports massage is also often combined with physiotherapy to maximize recovery.

A sports massage can include trigger point stimulation to release tension, stretching out the muscles and tissue, relaxing hyperactive muscles or to ease the tension in muscle tendons. Through each of these methods, either through strain relief or tension release; you’ll find that it’s easier to move around.

Therapeutic Massages

Back Massage

Therapeutic massages are conducted purely to make sure that your body stays relaxed. These massages help ease the tension throughout your body, not for medical or rehabilitation purposes but just as a way to ease the body out.

When used regularly, therapeutic massages can do wonders for arthritis, stiff muscles and tendons as well as body aches stemming from musculoskeletal problems.

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