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Despite the old saying that pain is beauty, there’s no reason anybody should go through agony related to exercise and muscle injury. Our massage therapy Edmonton specialists help alleviate sore muscles, accelerate healing, and reestablishes energy.

Massage therapy isn’t a pill type but mends muscles and eases torment. It benefits all age ranges, allowing the body to recover and return to feeling its absolute best. As a result, below will discuss how massage helps heal muscles, relieves pain, and what to expect if it’s your first time getting a massage.


History of Massage Therapy

History of Massage therapy

Massages date back to the second century, with the earliest records being in China and Egypt. A Chinese text called “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine” is the main distributed text about massages after it was distributed in Britain in 1949.

The text alluded to those who discovered massage therapy and its varying benefits. Indeed, even in the drawings in Old Egyptian Burial chambers, a massage is portrayed as a component of their clinical methodology.

Before the text, in the 1800s, a Swedish specialist called Pehr Henrik Ling fostered a massage technique called the ‘Swedish Movement System.’ It shaped the premise of what we currently know as the Swedish back rub! From there, massages’ outcomes on the body and brain were investigated and esteemed from one side of the planet to the other.


Chronic Pain Sufferers

Massage services in Edmonton are commonly used to aid individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Athletes, older individuals, physically demanding workers, or people who suffered an injury are common examples.

When ongoing agony victims self-cure, they generally utilize a class of non-prescription meds called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Regular NSAIDs incorporate ibuprofen and naproxen, better known by brand names like Advil and Aleve. The reason behind taking these pills is to lessen the unbearable irritation of body tissue.

However, mounting proof recommends that these handy solution pills aren’t all that effective in easing agony or recuperating muscles. While these choices could have some progress in bringing some relief from intense agony, their outcomes fail to measure up to a massage.


Massage Therapy Edmonton Helps With Severe Pain

Massage Benefits Pain Relief

Constant agony can cause feelings of anxiety to rise. Drawn-out pressure keeps your body trapped in a condition of survival. It implies that all your body’s assets aren’t fully suited for any activity. Sadly it can affect all over the body, causing you to become exhausted. 

Your muscles become tighter, adding to torment levels and absence of portability over the long run. Rest can become more complex, causing emotional and potential stomach issues. These are a few consequences of drawn-out pain since stress and pain deteriorate the body over time.

During a massage, blood flow is expanded, which assists your body with working and keeping your framework solid. It assists with eliminating toxins by disposing of poisons and making your body better prepared to battle infection. 

Evacuation of these toxins can likewise assist your body with battling the tiredness that frequently accompanies pain. Expanded blood flow and toxin removal also help with lessening aggravation. When irritation becomes persistent, it can have many adverse consequences, like agony. By handling irritation, side effects are diminished, allowing for better equality of life.

Lastly, a massage dramatically enhances a person’s mental health. It creates a positive and relaxed state of mind, allowing the individual to focus on the now rather than the many stresses of life. Some people seek out a massage strictly for its mental benefit, giving them a needed chance to relax.


Reducing Inflammation with Massage Therapy in Edmonton

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Inflammed muscles are caused by injuries, exercise, playing a sport, and much more. Studies show that a massage diminishes and hinders inflammatory cytokines (the proteins that cause inflammatory pain). Massages invigorate the development of mitochondria (an organelle found in most cells), which help in muscle recovery.

Other studies show that utilizing NSAIDs to treat back pain is ineffectual 60 to 90 percent of the time. For many people encountering ongoing back pain, such over-the-counter drugs cause long-haul gastrointestinal issues. It’s a more severe issue worth noting over momentary relief from discomfort.


Preventing Muscle Strain or Injury

Massage treatment mends muscles and diminishes torment more effectively than over-the-counter medicines. The diminished pressure from a massage keeps muscles from worsening strain or injury. Moreover, the mental benefit further advances this by reducing strain because of stress.

Prevention is equally as beneficial to the body as relief. It’s about preventing muscle or injury so you don’t have to deal with a complete rehab process later in life. Hence, many people seek massages to give their bodies a tune-up. It mitigates minor inflammation, giving the body needed rest and a better chance the following day.


Massage Therapy Edmonton – What to Expect

what to expect from massage

When you go see a massage therapy Edmonton specialist, you’ll initially discuss your clinical history and your objectives from the meetings. Like other specialists, your massage advisor will foster a treatment plan and talk you through it. Highlights will include any inquiries you have and any potential worries.

When you’re prepared to get everything rolling, you will take off your clothes privately (don’t stress, a sheet will cover you). For the most part, you will rest in a quiet, loosening room on a massage table. The process can endure between 30 minutes to an hour and a half. If you’re stressed or feel pain throughout the process, voice your concerns to the specialist.

With a Thai Massage, the specialist will consolidate delicate strain on pressure focuses and tense regions with yoga angles. The specialist stretches and moves your body into postures to satisfy pressure and muscle strain.


Thai Massage Therapy Edmonton? Visit Soul 2 Sole Studio

Need A Thai Massage Edmonton

Hopefully, your physical pain won’t require severe massage and physical therapy. Still, everyone could benefit from massage therapy. Thus, if you’re in Edmonton and require a massage therapist, visit us at Soul 2 Sole Studio. We specialize in healing and getting the most out of the body!