Massage In The Winter Vs Summer – Why The Time Of Year Matters

A massage is seen as a beneficial practice, so many people should consider adding it to their life. Still, it becomes a matter of debate with the massage in the winter vs summer mindset. Although it may not seem like a huge deal, the time of year does matter how your body receives a massage.


Massages are frequently referred to as a lavish treatment, yet they should be viewed as a fundamental practice. All things considered, what are some critical differences between getting a massage in the winter and summer? Let’s take a look and see which time of year is best for you.


massage in the summer vs winter

Massage in the summer vs winter. When is the best time really to get a massage in Edmonton?


How Massages Help in the Winter

Winter-worn muscles need some aid, especially in the warming department. While exercising, you keep your muscles warm and help your blood flow. Less action implies your muscles get hardened and tied, which can cause portability issues. Less action is prevalent in the winter.

Sore and solid muscles from less movement can prompt injury when the colder months hit and you rest. With a decent massage, however, it warms and extends your muscles. This erosion additionally assists with your body’s blood flow. Having a colder time of year massage will forestall wounds when you return to your typical exercises.


Strengthening Immunity

With the sudden change in weather in Edmonton from Summer to Winter, a massage during this time can help your immune system combat the sudden drop in temperatures.

  • Boosting immune function: Studies have shown that regular massage can increase white blood cell count, aiding in the defence against illnesses.
  • Decreasing cortisol levels: Chronic stress elevates cortisol levels which can suppress the immune system. Massage helps in reducing these levels, potentially bolstering immune function.

Massages can genuinely supercharge our immune system. They stimulate the lymphatic system, our body’s natural detox mechanism, ensuring harmful invaders are shown the door. Plus, massages actively reduce cortisol, the pesky “stress hormone” that can dampen our immune response. Even better, massage can elevate our white blood cell count! If you recall from biology, white blood cells are those tiny warriors that combat viruses and bacteria. And let’s not forget the sleep factor. As massage promotes restful slumber, it indirectly bolsters our immunity since a well-rested body is a well-defended one.


People Are Sadder in the Winter

If you ever felt out of it during the winter, realize that you’re not alone. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a genuine illness. It can make anybody feel the impacts of the colder time of year blues—the evenings get longer, the days get more limited, and the climate gets messy. 

Sadness is a sort of wretchedness that happens most throughout the colder year because of the absence of daylight, freezing temperatures, and a miserable climate. You may experience SAD if you experience low energy levels, are effectively disturbed, continue to sleep in, and have some weight gain during the winter.

Getting a massage in the winter can help with your dopamine levels and make your feel rejuvenated. Don’t let your body feel the way it does any longer, and take action as soon as you can. You’ll be happy you did, especially in the long run. The soothing touch of a massage can elevate mood by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.


Colder Weather Causes Muscle Tension

Have you at any point been outside during the winter? At the point when you return home, and your body heats up, you might see that your neck, shoulders, and glutes are sore. In chilly conditions, the body tenses up and can cause issues.

If you are in the cold for a significant time, that muscle strain can stay long after being back in a hotter climate. A massage during the colder months is an excellent method for combatting the pressure you might get during this time.


Holidays Are Stressful

The majority of us love holidays, but they can carry additional pressure and nervousness. With gatherings, dinners, purchasing presents, baking, and Christmas cards, it can occupy our lives rapidly during the colder months. 

It may be hard to fit in the personal time expected to remain loose and invigorated for that amount of gatherings. Massages during the winter season are an extraordinary method for keeping your feelings of anxiety low so you can indeed partake in particular times of the year.


Promotes Relaxation

Although it can technically apply to the summer, the winter months can significantly benefit from a moment of relaxation. Massages are all about promoting the body from within, allowing the mind to rest and heal. With bad weather, holidays, and more, everyone can use a massage session during the colder months.

Woman Getting A Massage with Candle Lit Background

Creating a Tradition of Self-care

Mental health and awareness in 2023 is as important as ever.  Incorporating massage into winter holiday traditions can be a beautiful way of reminding ourselves to take a break. By setting aside time for relaxation, we send a message of self-love and care. In this festive symphony, where bells chime and laughter echoes, let’s not forget the gentle hum of self-love. For, when the new year dawns and resolutions float around, wouldn’t it be wonderful to already be in the rhythm of prioritizing oneself? After all, in the storybook of life, dedicating a chapter to self-care isn’t just an act of love, but a tradition worth treasuring. Why not also think about getting your partner or friend a lovely massage gift card from Soul2Sole!


How Massages Help in the Summer

massage in summer

Now that you know the benefits of a massage during the winter let’s look at the summer. Warm summer climate implies numerous things such as vast loads of open-air exercises, working in the garden, being up and on your feet substantially more, and more. 


Shockingly, the other fun likewise implies sore, throbbing muscles, weariness, and the requirement for some real-time to relax. Nevertheless, below will highlight a few key reasons why massages are so beneficial during the summer months.


People Exercise More

people exercising outdoor in the summer in a park

Bright days and a couple of months to appreciate them imply your muscles are out accomplishing more work than they are used to. There are countless ways to exhaust your muscles, which a massage can assist with by lessening a throbbing painfulness.


The painfulness is connected with sore, stressed, or pulled muscles coming about because of expanded exercise during the summer. Getting regular summer-time massages helps your muscles stay agile, diminishes irritation, and reduces the shot of injury,


Splash of Hydration

All this talk of exercise is bound to make you thirsty! The oils and techniques used during a massage can hydrate and nourish the skin, counteracting the effects of dehydration damage from the sun on the skin.  The sebaceous glands in our skin produce sebum, a natural oil. Gentle pressure and manipulation from massage can stimulate these glands to produce more oil, which naturally moisturizes the skin. After your massage, your therapist might sound a bit like your favourite health guru, reminding you to guzzle down that H2O! Why? Well, not only are you giving those just-released toxins a one-way ticket out, but you’re also giving your skin a VIP hydration boost.


People Doing Yard Work In Summer Can Use A Good Massage

yard work in summer

Whether you appreciate dealing with the grass or your garden, yard work negatively affects your body. All that bending over, pushing a lawnmower, pulling weeds, planting seeds and raking the dirt all create sensitive lower back issues and back pain. Back massages and deep tissue massages can assist with diminishing aggravation around there and mitigate torment from all the hard work all day in the hot summer sun. 


Self Care is Valuable

Although there is no terrible opportunity to get a massage, the summer months are great for self-care. Plans and exercises appear to fill the calendar throughout the summer, so make sure you give yourself time to relax. Unwind and let your body heal in between all of the fun. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.


The Heat Can Cause Swelling

Many individuals experience the ill effects of enlarging and distress in the summer months because of the hotness, stickiness, and static gathering of liquids. Massages can assist with expansion all through your body, joints, and limbs. Massages are intended to push through the body, aiding you throughout and reducing inflammation.


What time of year is best to get a massage


Massage in the Winter vs Summer Verdict

When it comes to the massage in the winter vs summer verdict, realize it’s entirely subjective. A winter massage tends to be more beneficial from a mental health and cold weather perspective. On the other hand, a summer massage is excellent for relieving pain since people are more active in the summer. Regardless, be sure to visit us at Soul 2 Sole Massage Studio in Edmonton for all of your massage needs!