It’s common for people to experience neck pain, especially as they age and their body begins to break down. Thankfully, if you can understand a massage for your neck technique, you can help mitigate many of those issues. You can do a lot, so why worry about neck issues head-on when you can address the area?


Massage Soreness

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Nevertheless, below will discuss the fundamental points about massaging your neck. We’ll discuss if a massage is good for your neck, what massage type is best, benefits, techniques, and more. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect with a neck massage.


Why is a massage for your neck so good?

Many studies have found that neck massages can give some neck relief from discomfort and further develop your scope of movement. It works best when performed by a massage specialist a couple of times each week for the foreseeable future.

Remember, you should never do a neck massage on the front of the neck and throat. Avoid this region that likewise contains the carotid artery and significant nerves. Furthermore, be cautious of the side of the neck. It’s not as delicate as the front of the neck, yet you should treat it cautiously.


What Massage is Best for the Neck?

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There are many massages to look over, yet Swedish and deep tissue massages are the most well-known that assist with settling a tight neck. The different methods are ordinarily applied to the neck, shoulders, and back.


Massaging can assist with diminishing the pressure in your muscles that might make your neck stiff. There are rubs you can do on yourself. Notwithstanding, it’s recommended that you get an expert to massage your neck or visit an expert for help.


Massage For Your Neck Benefits

When our necks are stiff, it can diminish blood flow which can cause serious well-being concerns. These worries can go from weariness to wooziness to unfortunate working of the body. A restorative neck massage can eliminate poisons and loosen up the muscles, adding to overall joint versatility. Some main benefits include:


  • Improves Flexibility
  • Assists in Recovery from Sports Activities and Injuries
  • Benefits to the Immune System
  • Improves Circulation Problems
  • Alleviates Chronic and Temporary Pain and Inflammation
  • Relaxes and Restores a Calm Mind


Massage Techniques

We live in a bustling world with much responsibility, enormous love for the people around us, and a great longing to live properly. We must deal with ourselves first. We can’t show up for our companions, family, sports groups, volunteer gigs, or work with a bad neck. 


A neck massage is an extraordinary method for indulging yourself and benefitting your body. Though it’s ideal to seek a professional service, below are a few massage techniques to consider:


Option 1

  1. Bring down your shoulders from your ears. Fix your neck and back.
  2. Find the excruciating regions on your neck. Press immovably with your fingers.
  3. Tenderly move your fingers in roundabout movements. Repeat the other way.
  4. Go on for three to five minutes.


Option 2

  1. Put your towel moved longwise behind your neck. 
  2. Pull the towel forward with both of your hands holding each end. 
  3. Gradually turn your head to the left side and hold this posture for a couple of moments.
  4. Repeat it to the opposite side. 
  5. Continue to pull the towel forward marginally while you do the turns. Ensure you’re not drawing the fabric with an excessive amount of power. 
  6. Do it gradually and clearly, keeping up with control of your moves.


Is Massage For Your Neck Safe?

Massage treatment for the neck is a generally protected treatment. Specific individuals might encounter expanded neck irritation or potentially enlarging soon after a massage. However, these random effects don’t keep occurring, especially if you visit a reliable massage specialist.


Remember to avoid the front of the neck and express any discomfort you’re feeling. An expert should know what to do for your neck, but it’s important to know what to expect. Regardless, understand that a massage is safe for your neck as long as it’s done correctly.


What Does Neck Massage Do?

A neck massage is centred around the muscles around the neck and shoulder region. A few muscles dealt with during a neck massage incorporate the sternocleidomastoid (the most significant muscle in the front portion of the neck), scalenes (group of three pairs of muscles in the lateral neck), and upper trapezius (large triangular muscles).


A few studies have found that neck massages can give some neck relief from discomfort and further develop a person’s scope of movement. It’s incredibly beneficial when performed by a prepared specialist several times each week for quite some time.


Why Does A Massage For Your Neck Feel So Good?

The massage advisor’s touch causes a quick response in your mind. When your skin’s nerve cells feel pressure, they signal the mind to deliver feel-great synthetic endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and mood enhancers. When endorphins are released, it benefits the entire body, promoting the relaxation needed to recover and feel better.


Neck Massager vs. Real Massage

As great as it is to seek a professional, sometimes an at-home product like a neck massager is all that’s available. Like anything else, there are pros and cons to both. A neck massager is great to use at home but doesn’t benefit the body as much as a specialist. Regardless, both options are worthwhile to the body.


  • A Neck Massager is Cheap and Affordable to Use At-Home
  • Massage Therapists Benefit the Body More
  • Both are Best Used Together


Now that you have some information regarding a massage for your neck, you might have other questions! If that is the case, you’re in the right place! Contact us at Soul 2 Sole Studio to learn more about neck massages, especially if you live in Edmonton.


The best way to deal with treating neck pain is a massage. Massages can pinpoint specific areas and help mitigate issues that are caused by the pain. It’s best utilized before working out, helping you avoid anticipated injuries. Contact us today to learn more!