Understanding the essential nature of a massage for seniors is imperative for longevity. Though you may think you’re better off compared to other people around your age, no one can deny how beneficial massages are. Whether it’s to help you relax or rid some aches and pains, massages can do it all.


As a result, below will discuss the critical specifics of massages and why they’re helpful for seniors. We’ll discuss why a senior should consider a massage, how massage helps seniors, and where to go for a massage in the city of Edmonton. Nevertheless, don’t let your physical or mental health deteriorate anymore, and help yourself to a massage!

massage for seniors


Why Should a Senior Consider a Massage?

Massages are unimaginably helpful in expanding a person’s versatility, especially for older individuals. It relaxes muscles and ligaments while expanding blood flow in the massaged areas. The process assists seniors’ overall activity levels, particularly if they get frequent massages.


No one wants to age for numerous reasons, primarily because of the fear of not doing what they once did. Although there isn’t a guaranteed way to have the fitness level like you were younger, massages help. It’s a way to stimulate your body, relaxing it and getting you elevated to the point of higher comfort.


Like anything else, it’s helpful to know what massages are best for seniors. If you didn’t know, there are plenty of massage types that vary depending on what massage studio. Some of these methods vary in their specialty, expertise, and the method they operate.



Massage for Seniors Examples

If you’re an older individual looking to expand their body health and consciousness, a massage is an answer for you. However, you’ll need to know which massage route is best for you. Considering there are so many massages to choose from, some prefer an older person to others.


Besides that broad generalization, there comes the point of getting your body checked over by a massage specialist. An expert can help determine what works for you, an aspect that’s useful since people vary significantly with their bodies and overall health. Going into the subject blind can potentially hurt you, making it vital to pick the right massage solution.


Regardless, below will highlight a few massages that are best for seniors. Though these aren’t the massages available for older individuals, these are a few to consider in the subject. A massage for seniors is a tricky subject but is extremely useful once you try it out.

Deep Tissue Massage

Comfort is Pain? Here’s Why it Hurts During a Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages are great for getting into the nitty-gritty of the body and are meant to separate scar tissue and muscle knots. These knots can repress our blood flow, causing agony and irritation. Pain is something the elderly experience quite frequently and would greatly benefit from it being mitigated.

Trigger Point Therapy

Going off the notion of pain and the need for seniors to eliminate it, trigger point therapy is an excellent solution. The process relaxes a muscle bunch to lessen knot pain and related torment. It works by applying strain to muscle groups, extending the impacted regions through a full range of motion.



How do Massages Help Seniors?

senior getting a massage

As great as it is to know what massages are best for seniors, it’s even more valuable for users to know how massages help seniors. Any process centers around the idea of determining why something is beneficial for someone, particularly when discussing massages. As a result, below will highlight a few key reasons how massages help seniors.


Massages are great for promoting a sense of relaxation that makes it easier for the elderly to move around. Mobility is a significant issue for older individuals, and what better way to solve it than to relax the body and eliminate pain? After a few sessions, you’ll feel rejuvenated and move around better than you were before your first session.

Aches and Pains

As mentioned, aches and pains are common ailments of ageing. Whether it’s a nagging back issue or something that seemingly came out of nowhere, it happens. Thankfully, a massage decreases inflammation, which in return significantly eliminates the various aches and pains an older person typically experiences throughout their body.

Increased Mood and Libido

Anything that eliminates pain and helps someone physically will do wonders for them mentally. Moving better with less pain is highly beneficial to a person’s overall mood and libido, especially for the elderly. You’ll feel rejuvenated, bringing you back to how you felt years prior before any of the issues came up.

Feel Good About Yourself and Socialization

The last and best part about a massage is its ability to make users feel good about themselves, promoting socialization. It’s common for the elderly to lose confidence or social skills as they age, mainly because their body breaks down as it gets old. Doing some minor maintenance on the body with a massage does a lot more than most realize, making them feel like themselves again.



Soul 2 Sole Studio’s Massage for Seniors

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