Besides maintaining a nutritious diet and regular exercise routines, you can also undergo massage sessions to relax and improve your body’s various functions. Despite coming from ancient roots, Thai massage is a relatively new method that’s only recently gaining popularity in Western culture. It’s a modern practice that has various health benefits, including the reduction of stress levels and the improvement of blood circulation in the body. View the benefits here in a infographic


What Thai massage does

Unlike other popular massage forms, such as shiatsu and Swedish techniques, Thai massage requires the client to lie on the floor to allow the body to receive overall participation from the sessions. This enables the reinvigorating effects to promote positive changes in the body.

The session gradually stretches your entire body until you’re in a relaxed state. These dynamic and restorative stretches are similar but more potent compared to common techniques of sports massage. Because of this, your body combines relaxation and reinvigoration at the same time. The constant stimulation of muscles promotes better circulation throughout your body, bringing more oxygen to your muscles and tissues.


What your body receives from Thai massage

Besides increasing body circulation, Thai massage also has other benefits that make it a popular choice for many people who want to improve their overall health. Listed below are three health improvements you will experience after a session.

  1. Relieves chronic tension headaches: A particular form of Thai massage involves applying pressure to your body’s specific energy channels. This court-type treatment is an effective remedy from people suffering from chronic tension headaches. A study in 2015 reveals that Thai massage softens tissue hardness and promotes overall relief from their headaches.
  2. Lowers overall stress levels: Receiving a Thai massage is an excellent way to reduce your stress compared to simply resting. It lowers levels of particular stress makers in the saliva of people under chronic or long-lasting stress.
  3. Improves your flexibility and range of motion: Besides reducing stress and lowering tension, the improvement of blood circulation also gives you the advantage of better flexibility. The gentle stretching enhances a person’s flexibility to receive a broader range of motion. This allows people to become more agile and dexterous, which prevents conditions in joints such as arthritis and herniated discs.


What to be cautious about before and after a session

The feeling of being relaxed is an effect of the stretching and stimulation of your muscles. It’s a feeling that’s very much similar to undergoing a rigorous workout. Because of this, you should hydrate yourself with plenty of water to regenerate your body’s liquids.

Although Thai massage is beneficial in activating your muscles and circulatory system, it may not work well with people who have certain cardiovascular conditions. This includes people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and coronary artery disease. Those with osteoporosis and neurological disorders concerning their spinal cord may not handle the intensity of the session.

Thankfully, trained massage therapists can adjust the session’s intensity and pressure to their clients’ preferences. However, it’s essential to let your masseuse know if you have any of the conditions above.




Living a healthier lifestyle is all about embracing new things that can benefit your body in the long term. Adding Thai massage to your routine of healthy activities is one of the many ways you can improve your body’s overall well-being.

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