One of the most effective ways to relieve yourself of muscle pain is through a massage. Nowadays, there are a lot of massage techniques to target specific needs. One of the most popular of which is a deep tissue massage.

A deep tissue massage focuses on a particular problem, for example, low back pain, recovery from injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. It works by targeting the deep tissues of the muscles and the tissues that surround it.

Relaxation isn’t the main focus of a deep tissue massage, so consider yourself warned. But what makes it valuable is aside from relieving pain and tension in the body, it can help a person unwind mentally.

The Process of a Deep Tissue Massage

With the rising popularity of deep tissue massage, it isn’t challenging to find a massage parlour or a therapist for it. Before the massage, the therapist would ask you about the problem areas that you want to target. You can either have the massage concentrated on just one area or your whole body.

The massage begins with the therapist warming up your muscles through light touch. Once your body is warmed up, the therapist will start working on your problem areas. Expect a lot of stroking and deep kneading at various pressure levels.

The two common techniques for deep tissue massage are stripping and friction. Stripping is the deep and gliding pressure along the muscle fibres. Meanwhile, the friction technique is a pressure applied to the grain of a muscle that helps realign tissue fibres.

deep tissue massage in Edmonton
Deep Tissue Massage

Tips for a Successful Deep Tissue Massage

First-timers may feel a bit surprised and uncomfortable with the massage technique, but there’s really nothing to worry about.

One of the most important things that you can do when you plan to undergo this massage technique is to relax. Sure, the massage technique may cause you some pain, but being nervous the entire time will only tense up your muscles even more. Try to relax and remember that pain is only temporary.

Another useful tip to have a successful deep tissue massage is to drink plenty of water. Do it before your massage and even during the massage. One of the main reasons massage therapy is good for health is that it stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system to bring nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. It also helps rid of the body of toxins.

When you are well-hydrated, you quickly get to flush the toxins out. If you don’t want to drink water during the massage, make sure to drink a lot right after.

Lastly, deep tissue massage may leave you sore for a couple of hours or days; this is normal. What you can do here is to apply ice on to the areas that feel sore to help with the pain and swelling.

Deep tissue massage is a great way to relieve the pain you are feeling. Even so, it would be best to consult with your doctor first, especially if you have chronic muscle pain, sports injury, osteoarthritis, etc.

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