The Health Benefits of Getting Traditional Thai Massage


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The Thai massage, which to everyone’s surprise, originated in the Indian subcontinent, has been a source of healing for more than 3000 years. Initially, traditional Thai massage was a healing art, influenced by traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda from India (from the Buddhist era). 


Typically, it doesn’t constitute lying on a massage bed. Meanwhile, a massage therapist applies the oil on their body and works on your pressure points and muscles. Thai massage veers away from Western-style massages. Unlike Western massages, where clients remain undressed and under a towel, you lie down fully clothed on a mat in a Thai Massage


Meanwhile, an expert uses pulling, rocking, and stretching techniques to relieve tension in your body. Thai Massage enhances relaxation, improves blood circulation, and increases flexibility. Origins and History of Thai Massages – PMCAOnline.


Health Benefits Untold


The health benefits of traditional Thai massage have reputations that precede them. Various conditions can be treated successfully and for the long term, using Thai massage. 


Sometimes referred to as assisted yoga, the conventional Thai massage targets the improvement of energy flow throughout the human body. Let’s take a closer look at Thai massage and its science-backed benefits. The bottom line is that the benefits are plenty, and you can go in for a massage by taking a simple appointment. 


You will be able to experience the effects of the Thai massage immediately. Sometimes, you may experience them while in a massage session. 


Here are four clear benefits to take away a lot of the pain of certain health conditions and relieve you so that you enjoy better overall health.


Helps lower your stress levels


One of the primary reasons to have a Thai massage is to ease anxiety levels. The sense of calm and relaxation that massages can bring has been a subject of many medical conferences on massage therapy. You may find the conventional Thai massage more energy-packed than other massages. However, despite the energetic style of treatment, Thai massage does reduce anxiety and stress levels significantly. The feeling of calm that follows a Thai massage is systemic, and people report that this is among the essential health benefits of the massage. Studies indicate that after receiving a Thai massage, people are more relaxed and have lower stress levels than subjects who underwent physical therapy.


Stimulates healthy blood circulation


The gentle stretches and pulls of a Thai massage create an improvement in your blood circulation and lymph. In the process, your body’s tissue fills with oxygen, promoting the growth of cells and improving heart health. Many patients with peripheral neuropathy often undergo traditional Thai massage of the foot. It helps improve balance in those afflicted with the condition. Furthermore, Thai massage can improve blood circulation, which stimulates the somatosensory system. The stimulation has desired beneficial effects on the circulatory system. In this way, it reduces the saturation of oxygen in muscles, producing overall muscle strength.


Boosts your energy


Traditional Thai massage can elevate levels of energy in the human body. Research has shown that both Thai and Swedish massage techniques brought positive results for people with fatigue. Studies show that Thai massages increase energy levels and mental stimulation. Experts feel that the Thai massage channels the Sen or lines of energy in our body. These Sen control our body’s wellbeing. Thai massage activates and energizes the Sen, making us healthier.  


Sen or lines of energy have corresponding effects on different regions of the body and muscles, bones, nerves, and blood are affected accordingly. Lines or channels of energy can also play a role in how your mind works. Sen also influences how you think and your cognitive skills. Subtle channels such as these make a more effective Thai massage. On the lines of this theory, Thai massage uses various methods to open channels or constrict them. Massage specialists use these techniques to modify and correct the flow of energy in our body. The flow of energy often plays an adverse role in the body’s functioning, causing pain (like headaches) and stiffness. Thai massage can rectify this quickly. 


Aids in back pain relief


Thai researchers have found that traditional Thai massage can reduce lower back pain. An evaluation of the Thai Massage technique was done on 120 people with low back pain. Researchers found that Thai therapy subjects experienced substantial pain relief. Additionally, studies have found that Thai massage can lower the degree of back pain related to trigger junctions in the body. If you have tight and painful muscles, a traditional Thai massage can relieve body stiffness.




There is little doubt that the traditional Thai massage has excellent health indications. It benefits you and the way you function in daily life. From restoring energy to alleviating anxiety and curbing pain, athletes and laypeople alike have found value in its benefits. Massage therapists deftly use their hands, forearms, elbows, thumbs, and feet to gently apply pressure and reduce tension in their muscles. As your energy lines get targeted, energy flow increases through yoga-type poses. By pulling and rocking your body in various ways, therapists can do much to benefit your general health. You may think you are in the pink of health till you experience a traditional Thai massage.


In a Thai massage, you are an active participant. In comparison, other massage techniques don’t require such active involvement. Thai massage doesn’t involve undressing or changing clothes, and there is no oil involved. In loose-fitting clothes, you will feel a deep sense of comfort as you go through the moves of the massage. Several people find that this form of massage is beneficial for chronic pain. Apart from pain relief, Thai massage also reduces your need for taking heavy medication for stress and muscle injury. Book your appointment at our Soul2Sole Massage in Edmonton today.  We have two locations Central and South Edmonton.