You’re missing out if you’re the kind of person who only gets a head massage to relax after a tiring day. A head massage offers benefits that span far beyond the relaxation it provides. You will feel much more relaxed once you get a good head massage. There is no doubt about that. However, it’s not the only reason you should get a head massage.

Getting a head massage regularly offers several other benefits, such as:


Boosting memory

craniosacral therapy massage

Can this be true? Well, we’re happy to tell you that it is. A head massage is a great way to boost your memory and improve concentration. It improves blood flow to the brain by using the right pressure points. This supplies your nervous system with more oxygen, helping to improve memory and concentration.

Those who don’t get a head massage regularly may feel a tightness in their head and shoulder. This feeling could limit the blood flow to the brain and affect memory. People can also control their “emotional brain” a lot better with the help of massages and develop a positive attitude towards themselves and the world around them.   


Offering relief from migraines

People suffering from migraines know they’re no joke. Migraines are extremely painful and can put a stop to your daily activities. They can develop due to many reasons. One such reason is the build-up of tension in the upper back, neck, and head. You may feel a throbbing sensation at the back of your head and be incapable of doing anything to relieve the pain.

A head massage helps to free up the built-up tension in the upper back, head, and neck. By loosening the knots formed in these regions, a head massage can offer you relief from migraine attacks. Research in this area has consistently shown how a head massage provides comfort from migraine symptoms. 


Relieving stress

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Life has its fair share of ups and downs. Chronic stress can build up over the years and disastrously impact our health. It affects every organ system in our body and prevents optimal functioning. In the long run, it can lead to serious illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and a weak immune system. With a weakened immune system, you will be more prone to falling sick than if your immune system were functioning properly.  

A head massage will help you feel relaxed and improve blood circulation within the body. Doing this prevents the build-up of lactic acid in the body and protects you from several aches and pains.  


Improved sleep

sleeping well

Stress, poor health, and body pain can make it difficult for you to get sound sleep at night. By relaxing your body and lowering your stress levels, your body is no longer in fight or flight mode. You can then sleep peacefully.


Hair growth promotion

Your scalp needs to be nourished regularly for your hair to grow. Hair gets damaged because of pollution and exposure to sunlight, dust, and other particles it is exposed to daily. Improved blood circulation ensures your scalp is nourished and in a better state to benefit from the healthy oils used for a head massage. The motions used while performing a head massage are meant to offer relief. They can fight hair damage and promote hair growth better. 


Lowering blood pressure

A high-stress lifestyle can give rise to the condition of high blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension puts you at risk of serious health concerns such as heart attacks and strokes. By relaxing your body with a head massage, you can lower your blood pressure and protect yourself from the risk of a heart attack. 



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