There is no better way to boost your mood and overall happiness than a massage. Though it may seem overwhelming to determine which massage technique is best for you, there are plenty of great solutions out there. As a result, we will discuss five massage techniques for tension headaches.


A tension headache is gentle to direct torment that feels like a tight band around the head. Different elements can cause a tension headache, including pressure, restlessness, and bad posture. The primary indication is pain on the two sides of the head, possibly with muscle pain.


Many solutions address headaches, including pain killers and different drugs. Stress decrease, ice or hotness on irritated muscles, and better posture additionally may help. Regardless, let’s take a look at how a massage can help and the main benefits of a head massage!

Massage Techniques for Tension Headaches


Benefits of a Head Massage

The primary reason anyone would consider a massage is the benefits tied to the matter. Massages are great for countless reasons, mainly because of how versatile the massages are on someone. Nevertheless, below will highlight some of the critical benefits of a head massage.


Remember that these aren’t the only benefits of a massage; they’re just some of the key ones to reduce tension headaches. Headaches are typically caused by a few different factors, meaning a single change in your life will not address them. Utilizing various massage techniques is a great way to aid the different issues hindering the matter.


Releases Tension

A tension headache typically causes pain in your head and neck behind your eyes. Muscle contractions frequently trigger these sorts of migraines.


Luckily, the American Massage Therapy Association reports that a head massage helps decrease tension’s force, duration, and recurrence. It’s because of how it loosens up the muscles in your neck, allowing you to relax that specific area.


Reduces Stress and Promotes Relaxation

Stress is a common ailment that affects people every day. Whether it’s a result of their job, life occurrence, or something entirely out of the ordinary, stress is always an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, there are ways to address it, especially with a massage.


A massage is typically an enjoyable experience for most, primarily because it creates a relaxing feeling. Even if someone doesn’t enjoy anyone touching themselves, a massage evokes an enjoyable feeling for anyone. Though that enjoyment is enhanced with an expert, it’s beneficial either way.


Lowers Blood Pressure

As we’ve already discussed, it’s no secret that a head massage can mitigate the day’s stress and give a deep sense of relaxation. That relaxation is something everyone should experience at some point, especially since it helps lower a person’s blood pressure.


Some studies and experts believe a 15 to 30-minute head massage could reduce blood pressure in participants. The claim is that a head massage can help a person’s blood circulation, positively affecting a person’s blood vessels and neck. How great is that?



Five Massage Techniques for Tension Headaches

As great as it is to understand the benefit of a massage, none of that matters if you can’t give a massage yourself. Though it’s even more beneficial to see a massage specialist, sometimes you’re running low on time or don’t have the money to do so. Plus, it’s a valuable subject to know if someone you know needs a massage.


Remember to use the best possible technique to get the most out of your massage. We recommend seeing a specialist before trying any of these so they can walk you through the steps in person to get the best results. Nevertheless, here are five massages for tension headaches.


1. Self Head Massage

Self Head Massage

  1. Sit down and relax your body and mind to prepare yourself for a massage.
  2. Start by applying light to medium strain on your head with your fingertips or massage instrument.
  3. Move around your scalp in slight roundabout movements.
  4. Rub for at least 5 minutes, making a point to cover your whole head.


2. Massage From Partner or Friend

Friend Massage

  1. Have your friend or partner sit in a seat. On the off chance that you’re utilizing oil, start with a modest quantity. Plunge your fingertips in the oil.
  2. Begin by giving slow, delicate strokes on your accomplice’s head and work up to light round movements that go across their head.
  3. Use your thumbs to massage their neck too delicately.


3. Eye Massage

eye massage

  1. Shut your eyes. Place your thumbs under your eyebrows, beginning at the corner of each eyelid. 
  2. Press and delicately move the thumbs in small circles, working gradually towards the exterior of your eyebrows and proceeding all around your eyes. Finish it back at the extension of your nose.
  3. Repeat this multiple times, investing some additional energy at the space of the inward eyelid, where the extension of the nose meets the edge of the eyebrows.


4. Cheekbone Massage

cheekbone massage

  1. Start by setting your thumbs on your cheekbones near your ears, and use your fingertips to apply strain tenderly and massage the temple.
  2. Using substantial pressure and little round movement, move your fingers up along your hairline until they hit your brow, rubbing your whole temple and scalp as you inch along.


5. Neck Massage

neck massage

  1. While sitting down, form your hands over your shoulders. Breathe out, allowing your head to drop back as you gradually press your fingers towards your palms, skimming up the muscles of your back and shoulders towards your neck.
  2. Meanwhile, lay your elbows around a desk, permitting your head to drop forward somewhat. Massage your neck from your shoulders to the foundation of your skull, utilizing your fingertips to make little circles into the muscles.
  3. Place two hands on the rear of your head, interweaving the fingers. Drop your head forward and permit the heaviness of your elbows to pull your head down. Extend the muscles of your neck and those that overview your back.


Want to Learn More About Massage Techniques for Tension Headache?

The five massages techniques for tension headaches are worth trying out even if you don’t have frequent tension headaches. The experience is overall delightful, giving you a sense of relaxation you usually wouldn’t have without the matter.


Either way, consider stopping by Soul 2 Sole Studio in Edmonton, where we offer numerous massage techniques, including some you can do on your own time. Book an appointment right away!