In a word, yes!

Even if you’re not an active sports player, there’s no reason why you can’t get a sports massage.

Yes, you might feel a little uncertain about your choice. But keep in mind, despite maintaining your health and lifestyle, you might not even realize that a sports massage may be just the treatment you need.

An Example

Pain is a completely brain-generated reaction, a signal to the body that a tissue or muscle damage may need to be looked at, to ensure that you don’t sustain more harm. However, there have been many cases of pain where there was no trauma and excruciating trauma but no pain.

So, you can expect moments where you won’t know that your body needs care and treatment. Sport massage techniques are designed to target those susceptible areas of your body that may be prone to injury. So, even if you’re not going to take part in a triathlon any time soon, your body could still benefit from a sports massage anyway.

What Does a Sports Massage Offer?

-Increased Tissue Penetration

Sports massage techniques target the deeper tissues of the body, enabling the pores in the membranes to open so nutrients and fluids can pass through. Not only does this allow the muscles to open up and soak up more oxygen, but it also aids the removal of waste and toxins from the body.

-Improved Rate of Recovery

The stroking movements in a sports massage create a vacuum once the stroke moves forward on the muscle. Think of it as a way of squeezing the blood in and around the injured or tight muscle. The movements encourage the blood to move in tissues that may not have gotten the vital nutrients it needs for tissue repair.


The muscles in your body stretch taught sideways and lengthways. If they’re not exercised and stretched, these muscles become tight, and the pressure builds up. A sports massage stretches the body muscles in ways different from its usual methods, and thus releases tension, making it more flexible.

-Breaks Down any Scar Tissue

If you were ever involved in an accident that resulted in a scar, a sports massage is the best option for you. Scar tissue often becomes inflexible, especially if it’s not stretched over time. A sports massage manipulates the surrounding damaged tissue and breaks down the ligaments, making them elastic.

Sports Massage

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Aside from the physical benefits, a sports massage is quite relaxing and refreshing as well, when performed by a professional therapist.

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