Arthritis may be common among Canadians but it doesn’t necessarily get any better. The swelling, stiffness and continual pain in your joints can be debilitating. Since arthritis never really goes away, living with it becomes a task of being able to manage your symptoms.


If you’re looking for ways to carry on with the same quality of life you held before your arthritis diagnosis, look no further. Reflexology is a type of massage where pressure is applied at the feet, hands and sometimes ears with the aim of relieving stress and tension from the joint areas.

Studies show that reflexology is a great way to alleviate pain in arthritis patients and we’re sure you’re probably wondering what those benefits are. Allow us to walk you through them.

1. Provides long-term pain relief

Current research on reflexology shows that it’s just as effective at relieving pain among arthritis patients as any pain killer would. The only caveat is that you need to get regular massage treatments to let the effects truly sink in. But that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re booking a reflexology session with us because there’s a gift card available whenever you need it!

2. Has detoxifying effect

Individuals that have any kind of digestive issue such as gout are often advised to keep a clean diet to manage their symptoms. Regular sessions of reflexology massage can serve as an important catalyst to aid the procedure of toxin removal as it boosts metabolic rate.

  1. You get better sleep

With arthritis patients, never-ending pain is one reason why so many of them struggle to get a good night’s rest. A reflexology massage can really help you relax those tense muscles and as you get better sleep, you’re less likely to feel the pain.

Woman Getting A Massage with Candle Lit Background

4. Improved blood circulation

Like most massage therapies, reflexology is a fantastic way to improve blood circulation. Additionally, this type of massage is also great at lymph circulation. Rejuvenation in bloodstream activity is a great way to remove toxins that are linked with arthritic pain. Those who are dealing with gout often have the waste products of their metabolic processes collect around their joints. As reflexology helps you say goodbye to these toxic substances, you’re likely to feel a reduction in your gout symptoms.

5. Decreased stress levels

When you’ve got to live with a condition as enervating as arthritis, we can imagine there’s always going to be a lingering feeling of stress that’s making you feel exhausted at all times. Reflexology treatments target certain pressure points in your hands and feet that bring down your stress levels. Regular sessions can put you on your way to optimum stress management.

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