Nothing is better than nice weather while enjoying a relaxing game of golf. With this in mind, if you’re a golfer, you should know the best massage techniques for golfers. Practically every golfer deals with some pain after playing. Why deal with the pain when there’s a solution to mitigate the issue?


Below, we will discuss what you should know about massage techniques for golfing. We’ll discuss if massages are good for golf, common golf injuries, how to stop being sore after golfing, and much more. You’ll have a good idea of what to do massage-wise before and after golfing.


Are Massages Good For Golf?

Without stating the obvious, yes, massages are very beneficial for golfers. The massage focuses on loosening up the back, hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders, and wrists to make a more excellent shoulder turn. Furthermore, it benefits hip and back adaptability, prompting better force and a higher finish. Some benefits include:


Injury Prevention and Pain Relief

Standard massage meetings can decrease fits and scar tissue and relieve trigger points. When your muscles are loose, they are less inclined to endure strains or tears while playing.


Improved Posture

Wellness treatment can decrease the muscle snugness that causes bad posture. It aids the body by accepting the correct position. Better posture won’t just further develop your golf swing but lower the chance of getting an elbow injury.


Increased Range of Motion

A massage is powerful at relaxing and extending healthy joints and muscles. This manner makes a smoother movement in a person’s golf swing. Frequent massages joined with regular stretching will benefit your scope of movement and adaptability.


What is the Best Massage for Golf Recovery?

Pre-Game Massage

Unwinding before going out on the green can affect your game. It’s vital to fortify and relax those muscles before working them, stretching, and applying a gentle massage throughout the body.


Post-Play Recovery Massage Techniques for Golfers

Getting your muscles back in balance is significant after a long golf game. Rub along your shoulder muscles to help the movement from the golf swing.


Golf Club Hand Massage Techniques for Golfers

In the between holes, utilize the elastic finish of a golf club for a speedy hand massage. Apply strain to the foundation of your thumb and palm. Make circles with your hand around there and move it to hit all the tension places.


Mid-Game Foot Massage Techniques for Golfers

With your shoes off, begin with a golf ball on the ground while sitting or standing. Roll your foot forward and in reverse gradually. Apply sufficient strain to feel a pulling but not enough to feel pain, and roll your foot from side to side. Next, put your impact point in roundabout movements. Lastly, get your leg over the left lower leg, take the ball, and roll it over the curve of your foot. Repeat the process with your other foot.


Common Golf Injuries

Like any other sport, plenty of common injuries are tied to golf. Most of these injuries occur from a golfer’s swing, primarily affecting the back and arms. Still, other body parts are affected, making a wide range of injuries possible. Nevertheless, here are a few common golf injuries.


Neck Spasms

Golf players might encounter neck injuries and spasms. A drawn-out round of golf can pull your upper back muscles, causing you to feel discomfort in your neck.


Low Back Pain

Research shows that the low back torment (LBP) related to golf fluctuates among novices and experts. Still, the injury is ordinary, no matter which group.


Wrist Tendinitis

Golfers are confronted with a muscle problem called “yips.” Yips is a muscle fit in the wrist that occurs whenever someone attempts to grasp and perform an errand.


Hand And Finger Injuries

Golfers use their hands and fingers a lot. Hence, these parts are more inclined to contortion and pain. Finger wounds aren’t too common but can come up from frequent playing.


Rotator Cuff Injury

Studies have shown that those lousy biomechanics while playing can cause pain. Rotator cuff injury while playing golf is typical, though stretching and massaging can help prevent the injury.


Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s elbow, otherwise called tennis elbow, is a condition where torment is felt in the ligaments of the lower arm. The aggravation is typically joined by delicacy and irritation.


Hip Injuries

The lead hip pivots quickly during a shot while the trail hip turns into a different area. This hip movement makes it inclined to tears and other injuries.


Knee Pain

Knee agony may likewise emerge in golfers. Aggravation is more common in individuals with primary degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis (a type of arthritis that occurs when flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down).


How to Stop Being Sore After Golf

A massage is a great way to forestall or ease muscle irritation. It’s vital for recovering and relaxing the body around exercises and activities. Whether it’s a short massage session or a massage gun, any massage experience is ideal with golf.


Other Tips

Proper Warmup

Before you begin golfing, you should do a proper golf warmup for your body. Take a few light practice swings and get your body situated. Doing a proper warmup can improve your game and prevent injury.



Stretching is an ideal method for getting the body tuned and ready for anything. Do basic stretches with your arms, back, and legs with golf. Twist and touch each of your toes, take low steps for your hip, and do a side stretch to the best of your ability. If you are really stiff and want to improve your flexibility and game, practicing some basic Yoga techniques can help with your mobility and balance. 


Cool Down / Hot and Cold Therapy

Cooling down is imperative to let your body recover. Besides relaxing, cooling down refers to hot and cold therapy. Applying ice to intensely harmed and aroused regions will help decrease irritation/torment. On the other hand, heat can reduce tension from sore muscles and improve a person’s range of motion.


Best Massage Techniques for Golfers – Conclusion

Now that you know about the best massage techniques for golfers, you most likely have more you want to know. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. Reach out to us at Soul 2 Sole Studio if you’re looking for a golf massage in the city of Edmonton.


The most effective way of treating pain from golf is from a massage. Massages for golfers focus on the common injury region of the players. It’s best utilized before playing, helping players avoid potential injuries. Generally speaking, it helps athletes recover adaptability and wellness. Contact us today to learn more!